Horse Shopping? Weigh in. And One Big Crazy Family.

*Sorry this is soooo late but my computer had issues this past week*

Sunday I worked from 8:45-3pm. I planned on riding but yet again it was over 100 degrees and I'm very prone to heat exhaustion so in the best interest of my health and Ambers (she struggles with the heat too) I decided to go see my parents instead. It was really fun hanging out with my family.

***Now for the exciting news!***

So for the second time in the past two months I've been offered another horse! 
One of my coworkers has an 8 year old Appaloosa Sport Horse mare that she doesn't do much with and said as soon as I find a place I like and can afford I can have her. :O
I couldn't believe it!

So Sunday night I sent out inquiries to local stables. Matthew and I are praying about this. The mare seems perfect. She's sane and has her basics down so matthew can learn on her and I can train her up to do more. She meets all my criteria. Lean athletic build, sane, tall, mare, young, has her basics, has potential. We will see what the future holds.


Monday we slept in till 9 or 10am and then went to the pool for a little bit.

We had a massively lazy day of netflix lol. #restday

I actually am terrible at resting.. I know, how can someone be bad at resting?? Because I will obsess over what it means. I will feel guilty for not doing anything productive. However I also understand that it is still productive because my body needs to rest in order to avoid burnout. 
I'm just crazy..


Tuesday it was time to get back to the gym. THANK GOD!! 
We did biceps & triceps with a bit of abs at the end. Warmed up with 5 minutes of cycling and ended on 5 minutes of stairmaster. It was an awesome workout. I was able to do 5lbs more on preacher curls and tricep extension! :)


Wednesday we went to the gym for legs. Did the *new usual* of 5 minute warmup cycling. Went to leg press. Then I was able to do 10lbs more on romanian deadlifts and 5lbs more on leg extensions! :D Also we did calf raises and I did weighted kickbacks of course. We finished on 5 minutes of stairmaster. I finally discovered the key to targeting your glutes more on the stairmaster is to stick your butt out! LOL So, yes you fold a bit at the hips and lean forward a tad to stick your but out a bit and bam! "Target Aquired"

Now I had been weighing myself every other day or so and well.. In 3 weeks of bulking I had put on 3lbs and weighed 100.2lbs.   Initially I put on 3lbs in 10 days but then my body adjusted to the extra food and I lost 2.5lbs of it leaving me at 97.4lbs.
Now to be fair I did shock my body a lot. I went from about 1400kcal a day to at least 1650kcal a day. And honestly most days are 1750kcals. Once I was doing that my appetite EXPLOADED! And I was eating for example 1 day of 1780kcal, 1 day of 1850kcal, and 2 days of 2000+kcal.
After that I went back up to 100.6lbs after a few weeks. That was my weigh in a few days ago. And today I weighed in at 100.0lbs so I somehow lost 1/2 a pound.
BUT I'm sure I will gain that back.. because....(guilty face)... I just had half of an entire coffee cake... Please don't judge me.. I couldn't stop.. :)

So then I went to work from 4-10:30pm :(


Thursday morning we hit back and shoulders at the gym. We were both having an off day so it was a quick workout. Good nonetheless though.

Then I worked 2-10:30pm. And it was an interesting day because while having a casual conversation at lunch one of my coworkers said how much he wanted a horse. I was very surprised because A - most people think they are silly, B - Most people who do want a horse are usually women (sorry, don't mean to stereotype here lol), and C - He is a "nerd" (which is totally fine because both my brothers and most of my cousins are lol) so they usually don't care for horses. Needless to say it surprised me. He really lit up talking about it so I decided to help him find one. He's ridden a few times so we agreed he needs and wants something with a laid back personality, beginner safe (probably a gelding), tall and or big (he's a big guy), and not much preference on age or discipline. Of course I'm going to suggest he get some lessons in the meantime if he can. If he doesn't want to I can give him some once he has a horse (because I don't have one he can learn on haha).


Friday I worked 8:45am-7pm. It was a very long day. I had planned to go to the gym but was too exhausted and in pain.


Saturday I worked 7:45am-2pm

After work we went to the gym and I did some chest and a bit of legs. Squated  and romanian deadlifted 10lbs extra :)

Then we went to my parents house where I devoured their pantry lol. I was starving.. We watched "My Big Fate Greek Wedding 2". It was good but sappy for me (sad+happy) because I loved seeing everyone again, but people are older and that makes me sad to see peoples health leaving them. Yes, I'm a bit attached to those movies because it's almost freaky how similar it is to my family. The clingy/emotional father, the cousins who all gang up on new comers, the big loud family gatherings that freak the neighbors out, the grandmother that's ALWAYS dressed in black and plays dumb but knows everything, that one flirtatious cousin that can't seem to stop touching her boobs lol, the fact that everyone else is seen as dry toast unless they are as crazy as us, how life centers around food, there is always food, don't want food? Here's some food. And how we absorb other people into our family. It REALLY is my family haha.

Anyways, I'm at an age where family dynamics have changes, we are all grown up and some of us are married. Our parents are not young and healthy like we remember them. It just made me miss the old days a bit. But it's ok, things aren't bad now. Just different. I still enjoy my family despite their craziness because that is what *our* family does. That's how it should be. Love despite imperfections.



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