Gold Card! #BathTime, And Hives....

So due to yet another crazy busy week this post will be short and sweet.
Let's see here....
I haven't been to the barn much because of working extra hours and it's officially summer here in Houston so that means DEATH....
Literally it's only the beginning of June and its 95 degree's with a heat index of 100+
Not fun..
So yeah this past Saturday I went to the barn after work to ride and I arrived to find poor miss Amber although happy to see me she was absolutely drenched in sweat!!
And not only was she dripping sweat standing in her stall she was crusted with mud too..
Poor miss Amber..
She looked at me as if to say "help me..PLEEEASE"
So I ditched my riding plan and dug in my tack trunk for bath supplies.
It took about an hour to bathe her. She enjoyed it. especially stealing a few sips from the hose. I used my favorite tea tree oil shampoo on her. It really improves their coats luster. I used mane and tail conditioner on her mane and tail of course! And tried the gallop whitening shampoo on her mane and tail but her mane and tail aren't exactly white so I didn't expect much.
After the bath I felt like experimenting and let her loose in the arena. And you know what?
She followed my every step for over 30 minutes!
(Sorry for the bad quality pics)

What a poser lol.

She was looking at something but noticed I was walking away and didn't want to lose me haha.

What a loyal follower.

Still drying off here..

Went to grab something and poor thing was not happy I was leaving her. She is like a baby now and gets anxious when I leave her presence.
Where ever I ran. She trotted. If I ran over the ground poles. She trotted over them.
It was so much fun! We BOTH had a blast!
It's so nice to see that she definitely trusts me and views me as her leader :)
And I got a surprise in the mail!!
Can't wait to use this :)
Now the bad news...
Yesterday afternoon I broke out in full body hives. I don't know what caused them. I did eat a little differently but nothing I've never had.
Took Benadryl. Went home. Saw they were gone. Benadryl knocks me out so I slept it off.
Woke up itchy and was broken out in hives again. Just like before. Took more Benadryl.
So far so good today so we'll see.
It's concerning but I plan on going to see a Doctor asap.
Well that's it for this week. Sorry this is a bit delayed and isn't the most detailed blog but I promise when I get my own wifi (soon!) you will see lots more!! :)


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