New Workout Routine! Riding withdrawals... Job Interview, And The Move-In!

Alright! New Workout Routine!! Yes!
I mean I love my old one to death but I felt like I needed to focus more on my lower body so I adjusted it.
Old Routine..
Sunday - Shoulders
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Bicep & Tricep
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Back
Friday - Chest & Abs
Saturday - Rest
New Routine!
Sunday - Back & Bicep
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Shoulders & Abs
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Chest & Tricep
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Rest
Sunday we barely made it to the gym. But I insisted and we made it and felt much better afterwords. I knew if I didn't go I'd be antsy and restless the rest of the day.
I have been having a neck rash and abdominal pains off and on for a week now so I decided to go off any possible trigger foods for a week or so just in case it is caused by food. I tried to make healthy muffins without eggs (a possible culprit for my issues) and well I ended up accidentally making individual apple pies because I used to much liquids lol. So the outside looked all cooked and crispy but the inside was mush pie filling texture with chunks of apple. Matthew loved it though.
Monday we could not get up! Literally we tried 3 times to get up and couldn't till 10am. So obviously gym got pushed back till evening. I woke up achy all over with joint pain. Mainly in my hips and ankles but in general was just achy. It went away though after an hour or two. This too is not an uncommon occurrence for me.
So I did some laundry.. I hate laundry.. I mean most people dislike laundry. But when your very active you dirty twice as many clothes! lol So I literally have 5 loads a week for 2 people :(
While doing laundry I kept thinking about whether to ride the next morning or not. I know it seems like a dumb question. And yes this is still a very horse oriented blog because my life is still very horse oriented
and that will NEVER change but...
Because of all the flooding and craziness of moving and all I haven't been able to get my butt to the barn despite some serious withdrawals... namely depression so I was eager to ride but also very weary of it. Amber has been going a bit backwards as you know (hopefully just part of the typical ups and downs of any horse in training) and after her having more than a week off, and me being so tired and stressed I'm honestly very skeptical about my abilities both to stay on and make good decisions and to stay calm and patient and not get frustrated, angry, and give up.
I put it out of my mind and went to the gym that night. It was a MADHOUSE so we did a short and sweet leg workout. But boy did it pack a punch for only 3 exercises. We only did leg extension, calf raises, and leg press but we FELT it.. I was feeling good and went up 10-20lbs on all my weights!!
I was feeling so good after that I decided I would ride the next morning. And then we went and got some treats. I tried the "Arctic Zero" cookie dough ice cream. I ate the whole container! lol hehe oops.. Nah.. the whole container (4 servings) was only 10g of fat and 12g of protein and I don't really care how many carbs lol.

You can find it here: Arctic Zero Cookie Dough Chip

Unfortunately even though I decided to ride Tuesday morning I couldn't wake up on time no matter how hard I tried :( This is really becoming a problem..
I didn't get up till 9am.
Which only left time to get some food and hit the gym for shoulders and abs. Felt happy to be working out. I've really been enjoying my workouts even though they are getting more intense. I think that a lot of that has to do with allowing myself more complex carbs. I think I mentioned before how I was accidentally in more of a calorie deficit than I thought. I was under eating by a little over 100 calories a day. Just wasn't getting enough carbs. It was effecting everything so I fixed it as soon as I figured it out. That was a month ago though.
Anyways, after the gym we grabbed some berries from the store and a few protein bars cuz #protein ...
We decided blueberry pancakes it iz! cuz #breakfastfordinnerisbae
I should try to make these as waffles. Which are just pancakes with abs right??
Wednesday morning came. I was up bright and early by 7:30am. Had Cinnamon raisin oatmeal and coffee :) and then the nerves kicked in. I was super excited for my job interview but also nervous because it meant a lot to me because I really wanted it. So I decided against pancakes for fear of upsetting my sensitive tummy. I got ready and tried not to sweat (fail..).
The interview went great! In fact when we were done the lovely lady went to go get the manager to see if they could do my second interview on the spot. And we did. And it was great. I just need to get the drug test and back round check done but I have the job! :)
The best part other than a nice non super stressful job is the people are awesome! So nice and chill and funny and laid back. I love them all already lol.
After the interview I took my mom out to Chipotle. I had a burrito bowl and it was rather disappointing. The flavor was fine but they just skimped on everything. Which I was most upset about not getting my moneys worth of chicken... I need protein! lol And one of the pieces of chicken was all grisle eww..
Once we were home I was restless and started playing around with the camera... Guys, I now can take videos... And if I can figure out how to use youtube to edit them then I can possibly make riding videos or anything really lol. We'll see... Let me know what you think? and what your ideas are? in the comments bellow \/\/\/\/
Thursday I went for my pre-employment drug screening. It felt like an adventure since I've never done one before. There was a little girl in the waiting room that was no more than 2 years old that kept staring at Matthew. lol. Literally her jaw dropped and she stared like she had just found her future husband lol. He seems to have that effect on little girls... they always give him flirty eyes. And it's not like he is smiling at them, he will make the ugliest face at them or look at them like he's really annoyed. They literally can't resist loving him lol. I tease him all the time about it.
So you all know about my love for protein pancakes. Well Thursday morning we experimented with protein waffles! It was delicious. And super filling since one waffle was 2 servings of protein so by the time I finished breakfast I had like 50g of protein. Super full...
Friday I had to wait for someone to pick up our table that we sold so no gym.... And no gym the day before. And haven't ridden in almost 2 weeks. Needless to say I was a bit edgy but I tried my best to stay in a good mood.
It was my responsibility to pack my clothes up. I hate packing. I procrastinate doing it. It makes me moody... I just wanted the day to be over..
But packing went by quickly and then me, Matthew, and my whole family had pizza and played card games as our kind of low key moving party haha.

Saturday we started moving in to the apartment. This is our First official apartment together since our last one was originally him and his brothers.
Unfortunately I started getting sick (bad cold) Saturday morning so this move is being done all stuffed up even more than from just dust from moving.
Despite being sick we still got a lot done and the apartment is coming together very nicely.
You guys want a video tour of before and after its all done?


  1. Loved reading this. Sounds like a lot going on, but all good things! Congrats on the job! So excited for you!
    And yes I'd love to see a before and after vid!
    -Hannah @hannieblast

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) It always makes my day when someone tells me that. Thank you so much! And I will definitely get a before and after video up for you as soon as it's at least halfway furnished :)


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