Measurements, Grocery Haul, And What's a 'Sconuffin'?? Plus The Struggles....

First of all I'd like to apologize for this post being late. I had trouble finding time to get to the wifi cafe over the weekend. I try to have the weekly updates up every Saturday or Sunday and the special posts up every Wednesday.
P.S. 1st Wednesdays of the month is an Exercise. 2nd is a Recipe. 3rd is Beauty related. And 4th is a product Review.
And now for the weekly update!
Sunday morning we decided to experiment in the kitchen and try to make some kind of pastry. I made a dough out of some gluten free all purpose baking flour, coconut oil, water, and an egg. The result was just sticky enough to roll out. But instead I took portions of it and used my hands to flatten it out and made little cups of it in the muffin tin. Then we put 4 blueberries and some cinnamon and sugar in each little cup of dough and then put a "lid" of dough on top and sprinkled that with more cinnamon and sugar. We set the oven for 400 degrees and baked them for 15 minutes (not sure exactly) until the dough was cooked. The result..

They were shaped like muffins, but had the texture of a scone. So we call them "Sconuffins" (sko-nuff-ins). It kinda sounds cute right?? Anyways, they turned out really good. They tasted pretty good although a little plain but I plan on tweaking them by adding a little sweetener to the dough batter.
After the Sconuffin discovery we headed to our apartment gym and did back and bicep. It was interesting... They don't have a lat pull down or compound row machines. Just cables for those things. Which is fine except... Well, I only weigh like 95lbs and I typically do more than half my weight or almost my weight on those two exercises. And when you only weigh as much as the weight your using then it tends to move you instead of you moving it unless your held down by the rollers that are there to hold your knees, chest, and or feet in place. Which the cables did have the rollers for your knee's but they weren't adjustable... This is a problem when your tiny. The rollers are a good 4 inches above my legs! So needless to say it was a challenge to stay seated. I had to improvise in order to stay seated by doing a little less weight than normal but enough weight to still challenge myself.
On cable rows it wasn't as much of challenge because even though I didn't have the chest support all I had to do was engage my abs and chest a little to stay leaned back enough to not be pulled forward.
I really wanted to go to the barn to ride after that but our budget is very tight this week and it's not possible as far as gas money goes to travel 30 minutes or so there and back. Plus the night before I was debating whether it would of been worth it even if it was possible because I had been losing my joy in riding because well... I feel like I'm going in circles and not getting anywhere. Amber needs to be ridden at least every other day and being 30 minutes or so away now plus on a tight budget means I can only get there 2 or 3 times a week. She needs much more than that. She is still unsure about being willing. It's like she wants to want to be sane but still can't help but be insane. Which can only be helped by a little encouragement 4 to 6 days a week. That is what she needs. Time. Time costs money. Money I don't have right now. You see my dilemma?
I talked to Matt about it but put simply he hates Amber. He just doesn't see the point in spending my time on a horse that is insane. And to a point I agree with him. I was listening to an interview with an olympic rider that was saying how a horse has to be easy to make it worth your time. He didn't deny the valuable lessons the difficult ones have to teach us. But he was pointing out that the majority of our horses have to be easy to be worth the effort we put into them. And he is right. He may have been speaking mostly from a business perspective but even on a personal perspective you can only take so many hard cases before you tire out. And I think that's where I'm at. I'm craving a willing partner that's bold and focused. I don't find as much joy as I used to in difficult cases.
So that's where I'm at emotionally.. Sorry for the whining..
However I did peak my passion about horses again when I was going through some of my horse books that afternoon. I was so happy looking through my favorite ones and seeing how easy to understand and practical their suggestions were for schooling and such. I spent a good hour going over them with Matt. I rambled about the training pyramid, lateral work, grids, ect.. And he actually said he wanted to hear more :)
Monday I meant to get up at 7am but didn't get up till 7:40am because Matthew heard me say my back hurt earlier in the morning so he decided we'd skip the gym since I was in pain. Now, that was very sweet of him. But we are sleeping on the floor until the mattress arrives so pain is expected. Nothing is stopping me from getting back into my gym routine this week! Nothing... So we hurried up and got ready, ate, and headed to our new gym down the road. We did legs and boy were we beat. Well more like hungry lol. We did leg extensions, leg curls, leg press (the one where you lift yourself and the weight), and calf raises. I wanted to try a new machine but it was taken and we were starving. Actually I was feeling pretty sick because (I assume) my blood sugar was getting too low.
Once home we ate of course. I did some mealprep while Matt got ready for work. And then we took our measurements...
I don't know my weight because we don't have a scale yet. But my chest is the same 32". My arms went down 1/4" both relaxed and flexed so I guess they just trimmed up a bit so they are currently 8 1/4" relaxed and 9 1/4" flexed. My waist was 24" first thing this morning but it was 24 1/2" after eating but still it was never 24" first thing in the morning before so that's probably a good 1/4" inch less. At my naval went down from 27" last week to 26" this week. And two inches below it went from 29.5" last week to 29 1/4" this week so that's 1/4" less. Hips are the same at 33.5". Upper thigh is the same at 18". Lower thigh went up though!!!! from 14" last week to 14 1/4" this week! That's 1/4" more! I finally made some quad growth!! Oh! and my calves went up from 10.5" to 10 5/8" I know its less than 1/4 of an inch but its more than I've seen in months! This is the most my legs have grown in like 4 or so months! And my waist went down :) Not so sure how to feel about my arms though and hopefully my butt will grow soon too.

After that I just did a lot of mealprep and laundry. It's boring when you don't have anyone to talk to but I make the best of it and enjoy the peace and quiet. It was a cloudy day but then the sun tried to come out. I wanted to go to the pool to tan but I still feel to awkward by myself. I know I'm silly but we all are in some way or another.
Tuesday I worked from 9am - 4pm. Honestly I was dreading it because it's kind of overwhelming like anything new. Especially for me. It takes me 3 months to get used to a new idea and fully process it let alone be totally comfortable at a new job. Anyways, once I got there we were informed "corporate" would be there. This means everyone must be on "best behavior" and do your job perfect. For me it's only day 3 of the job, day two of ever being on the floor, day 1 of really being on the floor all day. So I was very apprehensive and expecting to get yelled at or "talked to" for something by the end of the day. Which makes me feel crushed. But it went much better than expected. I feel much more comfortable even though I'm still getting the hang of it. The corporate guys were nice. And nobody had a nervous breakdown.
Then our mattress FINALLY arrived!! Yaaaasssssssss!!!! So Exciting!
Clearly it's HUGE!
It's a King size ventilated memory foam mattress :)
And OMG IT's Soo Comfy!!
Wednesday we worked shoulders and abs. I ended on like 10 sets of hanging leg lifts, felt so good! Didn't do a lot because it's still week one of getting back into routine. Plus I was totally out of it from a lack of coffee :( and having finally slept on a nice mattress instead of the floor. So my back didn't know whether to stay tight or relax. 11 nights on the floor is awful guys... Don't ever do it.. Ever..
But I did feel my shoulders burn and my abs working really nicely. I focused on slow 4-8 second reps because Matthew reminded me that doing that would preserve my joints more. And trust me when you do slow training you are gonna have to knock your weights down a good 5lbs because it's really effective and inrodes (I think that's the word) your muscles more efficiently.
Then after eating I went down to the Wifi Cafe to blog lol. Did you try some lemonade? It's delicious....
And then I laid out by the pool because even though it was supposed to be all clouds and no sun there was in fact enough sun to justify going to the pool (as if you need justification lol). I actually darkened up a shade or two so I'm very happy with that :)
Thursday I worked 9am-4pm again. It was ok. I made a mistake or two but hey that's part of life and learning. I was put on the spot, which I hate (who doesn't). Matthew had a bad day at work too. Once I was home I had a bit of a nervous breakdown from feeling so overwhelmed. It was not a fun day. The only good thing that happened was our TV arrived..
Friday I actually woke up bright and early at exactly 6:24am! Well I woke up as much as one can be awake without having had coffee yet lol. Me and Matt were both excited because it was grocery day :) Yes, we actually really like grocery shopping.. Matthew was very sweet and got me a Macchiato at Starbucks since we were out of coffee at home. So with caramel macchiato in hand the shopping commenced!..
We went to Kroger first to get "The Meats!.." We really like the consistent quality of their meats. We also picked up some Almond Milk (Blue Diamond Vanilla Unsweetened), Reduced Fat Feta cheese, and Coffee (Folgers gourmet Hazelnut).
Next stop Aldi's where we picked up a lot.... Eggs, organic brown sugar, Rice, Celery, Onions, Sweet potato's, Spinach, some boxes of gluten free crackers, pasta, and pancakes, Syrup, honey, salsa!, bbq sauce, honey mustard, reduced fat balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing, Peppers, stevia... I think that's everything lol.
And finally HEB for a can opener because I have beans and tuna but can't eat them because I forgot to get a can opener when we moved lol. We also picked up some cleaning supplies (boring). Some seasonings (just cinnamon and Cajun spices). And hair conditioner because.. Why do you ALWAYS run out of that before shampoo?!?
We got home put everything away and made coffee. It was delicious... Oh how I love you Hazelnut Coffee..
I planned to go to the pool after Matt left for work but as I made my way down there I saw it was closed :( I don't know why but I certainly was bummed..
We had a very large breakfast! Then it was #gymtime We did legs and I finally got to try out the new glute machine. It's like weighted kickbacks but via machine. I got such a good workout in it hurt to sit for dayzz...
Oh! and I did some new weights! :) Went up from 90 on leg extensions to 100 :0 I never thought I'd do more than my weight on that. Went up 5lbs on leg curl too.
Then we went and tanned down by the pool for an hour :) It was so relaxing.
After that we met up with a very nice man to sell my guitar. I've had it for years but never play it so I decided selling it would be best to clear up some space in our little apartment. Then we picked up a bureau that we had stored at my parents house. We tried to sell it but people kept low balling us waaay too much. We are using it as a TV stand for now until we try to sell it again.
By the way. I was a beast and carried half of it up two flights of stairs :0
Then we watched the movie "A League of their own" which I had never seen before. It was great I highly recommend it!
Now when I watch a movie I LOVE to snack.. This is a problem though because if I have a bag of popcorn or chips I WILL eat the WHOLE thing... So I decided to by individually packaged bags of popcorn or chips.
And I found Smartfood ones!!
I love Smartfoods white cheddar popcorn! OMG I can eat two bags of that! I swear they put crack in it lol (just kidding). Anyways, we had a good time watching the moving and I thoroughly enjoyed my smartfood :)


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