Redox VS Astros Game, Flooding, Getting Back On Track, And News About The Apartment!

Sunday we went to the gym and had a great workout doing shoulders.

Amber was o.k. It was a windy, gusty day and the guys next door to the arena were using power tools. So our chances of a good ride were slim to none to start with. We spent 20 minutes walking trying to relax enough to walk straight. Then 10 minutes trotting circles and I called it a day because not only was I exhausted but she seemed like she might of been a tad off on the left foreleg.

After eating rather blindly and slightly recklessly the day before I knew I had to get back on track come Sunday. I made a meal plan and nothing was gonna prevent me from following through... Except salted caramel popcorn... a whole bag of it.. oops..
Monday we couldn't go to the gym because it had rained non stop since Sunday evening and everywhere was so flooded that the gym was closed. Matt almost didn't even go into work.

The power went out at 5:45pm and poor Matthew does not do well without electricity.. He gets VERY mopey. So to cheer him up we went out. While at Kroger browsing the health food section we found these Delicious little steals! I don't remember the price exactly but I think they were $2.50 on sale.

Also got a Dark Chocolate Blueberry bar... Very disappointing.. Couldn't even taste the Blueberries and when you did get one it felt gross.. Reminded me of a dead bug.

Power was out till 9am Tuesday morning. By then we had cooked 25 eggs and 3lbs of ground turkey and ground beef (so it wouldn't rot). Oh well... Now we have breakfast and lunch for a while lol. We actually enjoy that. Once we get this apartment we plan to have Sundays for meal prep. We'll cook all our meals for the week and portion them out in containers and put them in the fridge. We can't do that here since we share a fridge with my family.

Wednesday, FINALLY! Gym time :) Legs, Legs, more Legs!! I was still sore from going up a few pounds on shoulders Sunday but boy was I glad to be back in the gym!

So as most of you may know this past rain storm/flood was exceptionally bad. I had heard about some horses that had to be rescued but hadn't heard the details until I was browsing googleplus and found this interview:

Thursday was Arms at the Gym. Just kidding! We slept in despite going to bed early. But not to worry because you hit all your arm muscles when you do back and chest anyways so it's not like our biceps and triceps get a real break.

We did do something productive though and put up some furniture on craiglist. Then I did my nails this gorgeous "Cherry-Brandy" color that Matt picked out!

Also, I found this gorgeous compact mirror that my mom gave me as a gift years ago before I had a use for it. So glad to be able to use it now :)

Matt brought me home some Vanilla Protein Powder! So I had Protein Pancakes after dinner. I LOVE PROTEIN PANCAKES!!!! No Seriously.. I have an addiction, it's bad..

He also brought home the news that we got "Approved" for the Apartment!! So I was making pancakes and singing all kinds off silly things... mostly singing to my pancakes though...

Friday morning we got a few groceries and I got a call for a job interview!!

We picked up some gluten free pizza crust mix from a discount grocery store and bam!
Matthews side (left) is olive oil and bbq chicken. And my side (right) is everything lol.. It's chicken, peppers, spinach, and pesto. Both sides have honey goat cheese which amazing. Found the cheese at the same store as the pizza crust mix.
Then we went to the Baseball game. Boston Redsox VS Houston Astros. The Redsox won which made Matt happy (he's a hardcore sox fan) I was surprised at how happy I was that they won because I do actually like both teams.

Hope you can see the Pitcher in these two.

 Matthew enjoying the game..

 The Train.. (if you look closely you can see the conductor)

Downtown Houston is gorgeous at night! and has a really fun atmosphere.

Saturday morning we went and signed our lease papers for our apartment! We move in on the 30th!


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