Healthy Recipe of the Month! ~Chicken Bella Tuscana~

Ok, so here we go!
I'm not a very good cook. And when your not a good cook it's tough to get regular food to taste good let alone healthy food..
So every month I will post a recipe that was a success!
And if I can make it a success, anyone can..


3 Cubed Chicken breasts

3 Cubed/Diced Tomatoes

A handful of Sun-Dried Tomatoes if you have any.

Salt-Pepper-Italian Seasoning

2oz of Goat Cheese

I cooked the chicken half way or so before adding everything except the goat cheese. I cooked it covered. Then added the goat cheese and stirred it until nice and melted. Serve over a bed of rice to really soak up all those juices or pasta if you prefer. Perhaps some Parmesan to top it off!

Matthew literally gasped when he tried it because he loved it so much. His words were "Oh My God this is SO Good!"

Serving Size: 1/3 of the recipe

Protein:26g, Fat:8g, Carbs:<5g

With 1 serving of Jasmine Rice

Protein:32g, Fat:8g, Carbs:36g


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