Asthma, Digestive Issues, Riding, and Shopping.. Oh boy..

Sunday we slept in later than I expected. We were tired from our fishing trip on Saturday. We had a great day though! We got the paperwork signed for the Apartment and walked around Rosenburg which is so much nicer than what we are used to.
Me Sunday Morning..

Monday morning I planned to go to the gym, ride, and then get groceries. Well... we made it to the gym. My lungs were hurting and aching and I felt a little low on oxygen but I've been that way all week. It's been a bad week for Asthma. I got through the workout. Got in the car and took my Inhaler. We stopped a Kroger to get Matt a protein bar before my ride. But I was starting to panic honestly, I was borderline crying because I couldn't breathe. I was desperate for air. Matthew made me take lots a deep breath's to get some oxygen into my system. Obviously riding was out of the question. I could barely walk let a lone ride spooky Miss Amber. I was really bummed because like I said my riding frequency has taken a plunge, but my health is more important than giving free training rides away.

But on a positive note! I've noticed some lower body gains! My butt had been looking a little bigger this past week... So I decided to measure and I have 1/4 inch to 1/2 and inch more! Plus my quads look a little more defined :)

Tuesday we did Arms at the Gym and me and Matthew both got one of the best, biggest pumps ever! I usually get a good bicep pump but my triceps were pretty swole too! :)

We need these "Swolemates" key chains!

Now I usually have some slight digestive discomfort/indigestion while at the gym after breakfast. No biggie. But instead of getting better by the time we are done it stayed. And after eating lunch it was down right awful. It felt like pressure where my throat and chest meet. A subtle burning sensation all over my abdomen. So you may think Acid-indigestion right? I did too. But I didn't have any acidic food. Perhaps the tomato I had the night before?? Maybe. But I felt kinda empty, almost like when your hungry. And even more concerning was it felt like something was eating me from the inside. The pain was so bad I was getting chills and I had "The face of pain". It's a very pale/greenish around the mouth face that my family knows me by when I'm not doing well. I can feel when my face looks this way, and I know I felt it. I listened to music and tried to sleep on and off for 3.5 hours before it subsided. Then I was a little hungry again and I needed to eat. So I had a snack. Just meat and Veggie cheese. And viola the pain came back. This time it took 2 hours to go away. Later I had a hand full or two of cereal with minimal discomfort. And then eggs, spinach, and veggie cheese and salad with chicken without problems.

Wednesday morning I had my usual oatmeal with flax meal and honey and within 5 minutes of finishing it I had a very intense downward moving cramp-ish pain. Then just my usual hungry/discomfort feelings. So I had some turkey and stayed the same.

Then I FINALLY got to go to the barn!

Amber was happy to see me. But also weary of me lol. I took my time grooming her since we weren't going to the gym. She seemed to relax while I groomed her and looks like she put on some weight which looks good on her :)

It was a gloomy morning with on and off showers. I love that weather! :)

She was pretty relaxed. Which makes sense since there wasn't an unusual amount of junk-yard stuff going on. She spooked like 7 times but that's pretty normal for her. She had good pace for being Amber but was a little off balance (even though it's still more balance than when I first started working with her) so I focused on circles and she seemed to pull herself together a bit more. She felt pretty good and I was feeling confident so I decided to canter. She did a few strides and broke. I asked again and she took off with me.... So I schooled her at walk/halt/walk then trot/halt/trot and finally a few strides of canter and halt. Then we did a few circles each way at trot which felt beautiful so we called it a day. I controlled my emotions and she controlled most of hers so it was a success.

While I was riding Matthew was going over our budget I guess since he used a Dover catalog as scrap paper for math. I saw that he colored in the cover horses blaze green. I glanced at it and he said "look, it's a greenie" and I was like OMG I LOVE him! "You made a horse joke!". I mean the guy already knows more about horses than most people do by the time they buy their first horse. So he obviously listens when I talk, or babble rather lol. He already knows to bring me to a tack store for a present.

Oh! and by the way (more on my love for Matthew rant) it is SOOO nice to have a guy with a great sense of style :) I really like Tucker Tweed bags, and Micheal Khors, and Kate Spade, ect... He knows this... But he likes them too. I didn't really know that until the other day. We were browsing Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls and he saw some nice big pricey-ish bags, looked at it with a pleasant smile and said "We need to get you one of these" :0 I was like "YES Please!" :D His words were "Yeah we need to get you a Nice purse".
I could literally let Matthew pick out my entire wardrobe and not be the least bit disappointed.

Thursday we went to the gym and then to ride Amber.

Amber seemed like she was going into heat so I decided not to take anything too seriously and just focus on relaxation. She spooked a few times. Decided a certain corner was scary so I drilled her in it until it was tolerable.

Funny thing is what happened before I got on. One of the lesson horses was turned out in the arena. He had a boot on so I assume he's having an abscess or something.

Amber was all tacked up so I asked Matthew to hold her while I put the lesson horse away. As soon as I handed her off she went from only flaring nostrils to prancing nervous wreck. I hurried to put the lesson horse away. As soon as I took the reins back and told her to calm down she did. She calmed back down to just flaring nostrils and looking intently at something across the arena which I soon diverted her attention from.

Now this doesn't mean Matthew is a bad person. She probably knows he doesn't like her very much but that's never made her act up with him before. I think she actually trusts me. Well at least to some degree. And I feel like her being o.k. with me and then super nervous with someone else and then o.k. with me again is proof that she does rely on me for confidence.

And with the looks she gives me and the way she behaves I'm convinced she fear my disapproval like a child fears a parents disapproval.

The Struggle....

The rest of the day I spent eating. Literally. I'm not joking.. I had 9 meals.. Seriously, 9! #1 oatmeal. #2 turkey. #3 granola bar. #4 tuna and cheese (lactose free). #5 cereal. #6 more cereal with almond milk. #7 chicken and rice. #8 tea and yet more cereal. #9 nacho-pizza (weird I know) it's just tortilla chips with lactose free cheese and turkey pepperoni. So yes all small meals. But I literally ate like every hour. Felt like such a pig... But then didn't really feel like a pig. Just felt like a satisfied little bottomless pit.

I know it wasn't all "the best" foods but it could of been worse... Even top level bodybuilders eat not-so-great foods at times.

Friday was kinda fun. We needed to go get groceries so I put on some pants. Problem. They don't fit, they are too big. No biggie, try another pair. Same problem. Another? Same but manageable with a belt.
Not even doing this would help me at this point..

So it was decided we'd go to Tjmaxx after picking up a cookie dough iced latte at Dunkin Donuts (delicious by the way!). I couldn't find any pants. So we tried shorts. They only ones that fit were athleticwear. They are these adorable panel shorts with little tight shorts underneath. They're coral/orange with mint, yellow, and maroon little splotches. Totally adorable little things and comfy too!

Friday night we did Chest and Abs :)

The workout was great. My new protein bar was delicious! But an hour later I had those intense pains and discomfort from Tuesday.

The next morning my tummy was still sensitive. I just ate what I felt like eating and had a chill day.
We went to Ross to get me some pants that actually fit. I got two pairs :) A really pale blue pair size 0 that is a tad snug but I still have a tad of fat to lose. And a 3 buttoned size 1 that fits great but will look even better once my calves grow some more.


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