Riding, Working Out, Sparkles! & Photography :)

So Monday Amber was a bit of a pain but oh well. That night we went to the Gym and did Legs. Had a great workout. I was brave and tried smith-machine squats which I was intimidated by because I thought they'd be awkward but they weren't. Plus it was busy (always packed at night especially Mon-Tue) which normally makes me very self-conscience but I felt fine yay! :)

Tuesday morning Amber was pretty good. She did spook twice and had one tantrum but again for her that's o.k. She started relaxed at the walk trot. She was pretty balanced, loose, and bent on her bad side (well, for her anyways). We cantered 8 strides each way. And then she actually was able to relax at the trot again after cantering. We kept it short (only 20 minutes) and she seemed very content afterwords.

Right after riding we headed to the Gym to do Arms. We had an amazing workout! I was so pumped and felt great!

Today is a rest day. And although mentally I wish it was a gym/riding day my body is generally sore from the last two workouts so it needs the rest..

Oh! And I finally got the Instagram badge on here (scroll to the bottom to see it). Unfortuatley my phone is still broken so I won't be able to post on there untill it's fixed :(

I've been dabbling in photography since my husband found his camera. He can never get good pics with it though. So I decided to give it a shot on our Fishing trip this past Saturday, and well...

I chose this bait for him.

It is the prettiest bait ever! Matt jokes that I'd be the easiest fish to catch. Just drop something sparkly in front of me..

Our friend fishing off the dock.

Yes, those are my feet. Sadly they are more photogenic than my face lol.

Matt's first catch of the day at the second lake we tried.

I know it's totally out of focus. But the water looks so pretty that way. (Sparkles!)

And Matthew trying to be patient waiting for a bite.

I'm no pro at photography but it's fun and I enjoy it. Hopefully I can get some Equestrian shots soon!


  1. These are nice - I really like the second photo! I'm also recently getting into photography - it's so fun even though I have only a loose grasp on what I'm doing. Definitely go take some horsey shots those are the most fun!

    1. Thank you shelbyrallen I really appreciate that :)that's awesome! I'm glad you enjoy it too. And yes I will definitely be taking some horsey photo's ASAP! :) :)


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