Lesson #2. Sherlocking, The Mystery Of Fatigue & Green Tea....

Tuesday was different..... well Monday night right before bed I had a cup of green tea. I made sure to eat a teaspoon of honey just before drinking it because I already know green tea kinda zaps the energy out of me so I need to have sugar or some kind of carbs with it. If I drink it on an empty stomach I get VERY sick.

So WHY did I drink green tea again?????

Well put simply, I wanted hot tea because it was a cold day and it's the only tea I had haha.

I had the tea, went to bed, and at exactly 4:53 in the morning HAD to PEE!!
I normally get up at 6am so when I saw it was almost 5am I debated whether or not to just stay up. But I decided to get that extra hour :) Might as well right??

Bad idea.. didn't get up till 7am.. A whole hour of my day is gone now!
Let explain why that hour matters so much to me.

I have a lot of digestive issues. (If you think that's TMI just wait. It gets better)Most of which are under control or mostly controlled. One of my issues is if I have somewhere I need to be or something I need to do soon I'm mildly tense about it until it's over with. That's probably somewhat normal. What's not so normal is getting constipated from that.... (Boom! there it is! now you may comment TMI lol) My solution? Wake up two whole hours before I need to leave the house. That gives me time to eat, digest, relax, relieve myself, and get ready.

So where was I?

Yes! I go up an hour late. So now I'm trying not to stress about possible constipation. I hurry up and eat. I pull out the computer to check on everything (social media is demanding lol) and try to relax. Thankfully my effort to relax paid off in the bathroom.

Once Matthew was up though (at 7:30 which is only 30 minutes later than usual for him) he was panicked. I was like "Whoah!! Chill man, chill..." (jokingly). He was worried that if we didn't hurry I'd barely have time to ride before the gym. But I told him I honestly didn't feel like riding (GASP! whaaaa????) Yeah... it happens to everyone though. Just admit it. Even though it is rare. It happens. I felt kinda tired and had no umph and I wasn't quite over Sundays fiasco. I still felt 10% angry and didn't really feel like bringing that to the table.

So we chilled for a bit while we ate breakfast (that's breakfast number 2 for me!) Matthew actually tried some bell pepper and liked it. GASP! (two gasps in one post. That's gasp-tastic. omg that's cheesy. facepalm). Then we headed to the gym.

So normally I'm super ready to go and get more pumped as I go along. But my body was like 'Not today you're not!'. I felt tired, kinda weak, and sleepy. Like I actually could of fallen asleep at the gym. I got through my workout though. I did what I was supposed to do. Didn't have to do lower weights, those stayed the same Thank God! but my reps on some things went down a few.

I was totally baffled by my lack of energy. I thought maybe it's because I slept in? Maybe it's from not riding and getting my blood pumping first? Or maybe it was that green tea last night? Or maybe it's all of it?

It probably was all of it. But I've slept later before. I've not ridden first before. And neither one had such an effect as this. Can a cup of green tea the night before really have this effect? Even though its the next morning (12 hours later)?

Apparently it can. It must.

I feel like Sherlock with all this deducing lol.

I already know this simple seemingly harmless tea has a tremendous effect on me if I drink it on an empty stomach. But I drank it with honey hoping the suagrs/carbs in honey would counteract that effect. Well it did to a point. I didn't get sick. But I still got fatigued. Even the next morning!

Lesson #2 for me: Only drink green tea after a large meal with lots of carbs.

And in case your wondering what lesson #1 is. It's to always have at least one full rest day a week. Meaning no riding, working out, or other physically active things. If I don't do this I get sick.


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