GainZz & Our First Quarter Horse Race

Wednesday was a much needed rest day after being so tired Tuesday. I took the time to re-evaluate my body fat percentage (NOT BMI). Last time was 4 months ago and I got 19-20% at 98lbs. This time I got 17% at 97lbs :) That means I dropped 2-3% of my body fat and only lost one pound of weight which is awesome because that means I put on a pound or two of muscle!! GAINZzzzz :)
I didn't know I could still do that! lol. Like I said I'm pretty sure most of those gains are in my upper body but hey I'll take it :)

This made me laugh...
Thursday was cold, windy, and wet so I decided I didn't feel like fighting with Amber...again. Plus I had gotten a little run down from accidently under eating and a family crises so my body actually needed more rest.
We made breakfast. Matthew is now hooked on bell peppers. And then we headed to the Gym.
We did back and it started off great but I was an idiot and tweaked my right deltoid on lat-pulldown so I couldn't finish my sets. I did everything else though but still felt like I slacked a little even though I didn't really.
Then Saturday came! yay! by then I had figured out why I was so tired. Like I said, I had been accidently under eating.... Not enough carbs. So after eating 30g or so more carbs for the past few days plus a cheat meal (or two...shhh..) I was pumped for Chest & Abs :)
The workout went well then it was off to the races!
Quarter Horse races that is :)

So I don't know much at all about racing or how it all works and I'm NOT a gambler but me and Matthew planned to pick 1-3 horses each that we liked for each race and see who had the most accurate picks.
The winner was one of my picks 6 out of 8 races. And I picked the exact winner twice... The two races I didn't pick the right horses were because I underestimated the short fatties at first lol.
It was a TON of fun! And I do have a soft spot for Quarter Horses thanks to my late mare Twist. Me and Matthew plan on going to watch the Thoroughbreds soon.

Oh and at the races they had mini's! Mainly for the kids of course, but I couldn't resist seeing them especially since one of them was a baby. I think the baby mini won Matt over a lot. He didn't like them at all untill that commercial with the lonely mini.
You can watch the commercial here: Lonely Mini Horse Commercial. But this baby mini made Matt want one. As we walked back to the track after petting the baby mini Matt declared "I want one!" :) :)


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