Care to Shop??

So this week I started a new apperal (and more!) online shop.

Please check it out here: Shop The Gallop To Greatness

You can also find a link to it in the Shop tab in the menu.

Some of my designs so far..


Front view of the "Frappequestrian" Performance Tee for any equestrian fueled by Frappuccino's lol 

 And the back of the "Frappequestrian Performance Tee.

 I think we all understand the struggle.
 The 3 M's to live by Performance Tank.
 Our Metallic "Stay Calm & leave in a loose walk" Tank.
 The back of our metallic "Stay Calm & leave in a loose walk" Tank.

Our Bling shoulders "Frapp-it." Tee.


"Give a girl the right shoes and she'll fly" Sock.

"She wore boots and spurs" Sock.


The Hunter Tote.

The Fox Hunt Tote. 

The Dressage Tote.

The Jumper Tote.

The Eventer Tote.



The "Frappequestrian" Mug.

The "Grand Prix Potential Coffee Order" Travel Mug.

The "Horses & Coffee" Travel Mug.


Treat Tins

Our "Go For The Gold" Treat Tin.

Our "Dressage Queen" Treat Tin.



The "Just Can't Find My Riding Helmet" Dry Fit Hat.

And the "Frappequestrian" Snapback Hat.



The 3 M's to live by iphone 6 case.

And the "Frappequestrian" iphone6 case.

Don't worry there is much more to come! ;)


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