Big News, Text Setters, and Premeditated Spooking..

Sundays ride was ok. She spooked 4 times and was a bit of a butt. But she had had a week off...

I swear Amber plans every single one of her spooks. She looks for things to spook at.
Sundays workout on Shoulders was pretty good. There was a guy taking up a smith-machine just sitting there texting for over 10 minutes while two other guys were waiting for the machine since the rest were taken by people actually working out.
One of the guys waiting approached him about it but I think the guy mainly ignored him.... People are so annoying! I mean c'mon it's a GYM not your Sofa so get off your BUTT and workout!
After Mr.Texting left, the guy who had approached him came up to us and asked if we were waiting too and wanted it. We told him we were good and he can have it. It was REALLY nice of him to offer it though especially after waiting for it himself. Super nice dude, very courteous guy. I shall call him 'the nice guy'. He was pretty smiley too which is always nice because not many people are nowadays. Listen to me saying things like "nowadays" what am I a granny??

The News!

We are planning to move! So for the past year and a half we have lived with my family. It's worked out but it's time to move on and we are finally in the position to do so :) We have an appointment to look at some apartments about 20 minutes away this Sunday. We hope to make the move in two months.

Monday night we did legs at the gym. I went up 10lbs on leg extension! :) And
Tuesday we did arms at the gym and I went up 2lbs on tricep extensions! :) I'm particularly proud of that one because of my nerve issues. It usually doesn't hurt that much, it just won't move.. But after our workout it was kinda itchy so that's probably good considering itchiness is associated with healing.
Perhaps this photo is a bit dramatic but you get the idea of how proud I am.
Amber was still jumpy Tuesday but was much less stubborn.
She cantered all the way around the arena once each way again :) I'm quite proud of that since it's only the second time she's ever done that.


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