An "Off" Day....

Thursday was a dark day... Lol. The sky and lighting were kind of dark and gloomy. But not too dark and gloomy. I love it anyways though. :)

It must of been kind of an off day for all the horses. Perhaps it had something to do with a storm or something getting ready to come through. Anyways, Amber was fine. She flinched at almost any noise and was looking for something to spook at. She wasn't terrible though. Matthew would blow his nose. She would spook. And then continue. No tantrums really. Just seemed like she felt something was gonna happen (maybe because it seemed like a storm was coming in) and so she was looking out for it, so nturally everything was to be flinched at.

We didn't even bother cantering since she was a little speedy at times and tense at the trot. We did a TON of figure eights at the trot. And by the end of the ride she actually softened her bad side a little.

She had worked up a sweat so I put her in the outdoor wash stall and started spraying her down.

Now there is a pony that gets 'arena turnout' only because of an injury they don't want him to reinjure, and one of the other horses is on 'arena turnout' since he had some inflamation of some kind. Before mounting we had put them in their stalls. And while I was rinsing Amber off Matthew was going to turn them back out in the arena for me.

Usually you can just open the stall door, point, and they go into the arena. But this time they we're naughty and tried to escape. Poor Matthew had to try and catch the runaways while they looked for a way out of the barn. But thankfully we keep the barn doors blocked with a piece of wood across the doorways (like a stall gaurd).

Matthew was frustrated to say the least. The two geldings one of which is a gentle giant draft cross that is usually calm as a potato (don't know why a potato is what popped into my head but I'm rolling with it) were both feeling frisky.

Amber sensing movement in the barn and not being able to see it was on edge and her heart was racing.

It must of been an off day for everyone and not just the horses because that night I put the wrong seasoning in my taco meat. Red Pepper vs Chilli Powder. They look similar and I wasn't careful so yeah my taco meat was REALLY spicy. Then I nearly ruined the rice. And I have made rice hundreds of times! I put 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of rice. The formula is 1 cup of water for every 1/2 cup of rice. No big deal right? Just add another 1/2 cup of rice. That would of worked but I didn't realize what I had done untill it was too late and the rice was done. Or overdone I should say because it took twice as long to cook because it had double the water that it needed. It was edible. Mushy. But edible.

I felt so bad that Matthew had to eat my mistakes. The rice he didn't mind. But he doesn't take spicy well. Oops.. :/

However I think I redeemed myself with my new chicken seasoning the next night. Salt, basil, fresh minced garlic, and honey mustard dressing :) Sorry forgot to get a pic :/ We we're too hungry after the gym to think of that before devouring it all haha.

This morning I joined a group lesson with Amber. She started out super relaxed but go irritated for the middle of the ride because a young gelding who was turned out right next to the arena kept trying to get her riled up. He stood right on the fence making faces at her. But she calmed back down a bit and we ended up cantering down the entire long side once each way. Which for her is a lot.

The barn owner told me this morning that Ambers owner is looking to sell her. So I'm bummed....

Well we are about to head out to go fishing and then hit the gym before dinner (doing my new favourite seasoning again) so I better post this now.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. We are going to the BEACH in Galveston tomorrow!! :)

I'll be sure to fill you guys in on everything and post some pics next time ;)


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