Hi everybody!

I'm still getting used to this blogging thing so bare with me please.

So today was great!
I rode Amber at 9am. We joined a lesson that was going on. She usually acts up a lot around other horses but she behaved rather well. Actually she was AWESOME! Well for being Amber.... She has a reputation to say the least. However today she walked and trotted very relaxed most of the time. She cantered a few strides decently which is much better than running off like a spaz. So overall another fantastic day that Amber didn't kill anyone..
Yesterday I had a great workout at the gym. We did legs. I did legs on Monday and was still a little sore yesterday but not too much. Got a great workout in. I have never had my entire lower body shake uncontrollably after anything but yesterday that happened after leg extentions. Hopefully that means gains! :)
I'm endeavoring to take better care of my face from now on. As equestrians and anyone active in general we tend to spend A LOT of time outside especially in the sun! And that is NOT kind on our faces. I have been cleansing and moisturizing my face every morning this week and when I asked my husband said it looks better. I believe him since I got another compliment from a client of his haha.
In line with that I'm trying to decide between Almay's Smart Shade CC Cream or Physicians Formula BB Cream. I want to try both but I'm debating which to try first. They both have a lot of benefits among which SPF is a major one. I'm also going to try Pond's moisturizers since I'm running low. Not sure whether to try the one for fine lines from squinting or the one for dark spots and redness first. I may actually get both since my face although not bad at all still has taken a bit of a beating from the sun.
Oh and before I go I just want to say that I have officially made my favorite Protein Pancakes so far! I have tried quite a few but these are the best. Vanilla Protein Powder, Egg Whites, Vanilla Almond Milk, Cinnamon, and baking powder. These 5 simple ingredients and voila! Me and Matthew's new favourite breakfast! Not only does it taste like a normal pancake but it keeps our 'diet' (hate that word because we don't "Diet" we eat healthy as a lifestyle) on point!
Well I hope I didn't bore you. I will post at least every Sunday. Feel free to subscribe and stay in touch with our equestrian, fitness, and life journey :)


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