My husband is a Personal Trainer,

Lucky me right? lol!

Actually yes! I have learned so much from him. He has taught me how to workout to become a better rider and look the way I want.

On top of working out properly we have together educated ourselves on nutrition. I have Lactose, Wheat, and Soy intolerance's so getting proper nutrition to support my goals without getting a terrible stomachache can be a headache but together we have gone through a lot on our fitness journey.

We have each lost over 15 pounds of fat. And gained muscle! We have big goals for ourselves because we enjoy pushing ourselves to be our best. So our fitness journey is never over..

I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others and I hope to share useful fitness tips and information for fellow equestrians and everyone alike.

Our current workout schedule:

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Abs and Shoulders

Thursday - Quads and calves

Friday - Back and Bicep

Saturday - Glutes and Hamstrings

Sunday - Chest and Tricep

P.s. It changes a little every week depending on time.


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