Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fit-Equestrian-Tips || Equestrian Nutrition

First off are the basics.

  • Hydration
  • Whole Food Nutrition
  • Nutrient Dense Foods
  • Electrolytes
  • Protein
  • Carbs
Each of those plays a vital role in your everyday life. And understanding them and how to use them to facilitate optimum performance can not only boost your show scores but also your daily training!

Lets start with the mother of all things. Hydration. 
Hydration is vital for every little thing (thus every major thing too) your body does. I know, you hear about how important it is all the time. But until you've truly tried it, you don't know what your missing!
I used to drink like 16oz of water day. That's one regular water bottles worth. When I drank 2 or 3 water bottles I thought I was doing good. But it wasn't until I was actually hydrated that I realized exactly how deprived my body was before. 

In order to be hydrated you must drink half your weight in ounces a day. And even a little more on days you sweat or do physical activity.

So that means if you weigh 150lbs you need to drink at least 75oz of water a day since 150 divided by 2 equals 75.

Next up. Whole Foods.
No, not the store. Whole foods as in unprocessed foods. For instance fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, grains, and meats. Choose unprocessed or minimally processed foods. Stay away from packaged foods! 
Believe it or not all the preservatives, additives, and sodium in those foods is causing inflammation and bloating. Maybe even a foggy mind. Nobody needs that when there trying to communicate with a 1,000 pound animal!

That brings us to Nutrient Dense Foods.
That means foods that have a lot of nutrition packed into them.

Beans for instance. In just a 1/2 cup of beans (that's one serving) you get 7g of protein, 20g of carbs (carbs are energy!), 0 fats, that's right zero fats! Plus 7g of fiber. Not to mention all the vitamins like many B vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B6. And more like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, and many more! Just one serving of black beans has 10% of your daily iron needs.
That's enough about beans though. just look at broccoli with 5g of protein in a cup. Quinoa has 6 grams of protein in a cup and is packed with TONS of other nutrients. Red meats have lots of iron and protein. Seafood is high in omega's amongst other nutrients.

Think of the nutritional value the food your eating has... Aim for nutritious foods. Even if they are a little processed, check to see how they stack up on nutrition.

Electrolytes. Not just for horses...
You need them too!! The best way to get them? Or at least it's my favorite way.. Pink Salt.
Yeah, you've probably heard of it. Himalayan Pink salt. Hey, maybe you already feed it to your horses! But you need it too.

Do you ever just crave something, but you don't know what?
Do you feel kinda sluggish?
You probably need some minerals..
And Himalayan Pink Salt is jam packed with em!

I find that a teaspoon of this stuff a day keeps my energy up, my mood even, and my cravings at bay.
Just try it ;)

Everyone is talking about protein these days... But it's true. It's very important.
As equestrians we are constantly working out so to speak. Maybe not with typical weights, but we are working hard.

When we work hard and push our bodies (muscles) to do more we are literally tearing tiny little muscle fiber and they need to regrow! Our muscles need the nutritional support to grow and become stronger. They use protein (and carbs) to do that! If we starve them they will deteriorate. So make sure you eat a good amount of protein with each meal (including snacks). This will keep you full too.

Carbs have gotten a bad reputation. But they don't deserve it! 
Carbs literally fuel our bodies and especially our muscles. 

When we eat carbs they turn into glycogen which is stored energy that our body can use when it needs to. That's why you feel so sluggish when you eat "low carb". Carbs do not make you fat. Only overeating consistently can do that. 
Eating a high carb meal (with some protein of course) before working out or riding is a great way to give yourself energy to perform better!

Well that's all I have for today. Thanks for reading guys! :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

|| Adventure In The Rain ||

*Warning! Not horse or fitness related. Just a fun time.*

Last Saturday we had tickets to go to a Baseball game. Astros vs Twins.

Strangely I woke up with my left knee killing me! I immediately looked out the window wondering if it was going to storm.
Nope! Bright sunny skies all around.
I had planned to work legs at the gym but decided to work back instead just in case..

A few hours later on the way back home. My wrist starting aching really bad. I turned to Matthew and said "My knee still hurts and now my wrist too! What?! Is there a storm coming in or something??" We laughed as we looked at the sunny sky with no hint of anything ominous brewing.

2:15pm rolls around and we leave to go to the game. Still achy. Still sunny. Houston is typically very sunny. Waaaaay too sunny for my taste!

Half an hour later at around 2:45pm...

Driving to downtown Houston..

All of the sudden..

Darkness looms beside us..

Then it's everywhere within minutes!

This is also typical of Houston and Florida if you've ever been there.

It starts to sprinkle and the guy in front of us slams on his brakes! I guess he's afraid of getting his car wet?? Who knows what goes through their heads. In case you didn't know Houston drivers are extremely dangerous!

It started to pour, and I mean POUR by the time we get to our parking lot.
We always park a mile away from the ball park (which does have a roof so rain isn't a problem)  because it's only 5 bucks instead of 20-30 dollars closer in.
We got there at 3pm. Matthew usually likes to be in line an hour before the doors even open at 4pm (he's slightly obsessed with baseball lol! we all have our quirks!) But he decides we should wait to see if the rain dies down.

It gets worse.

Finally, after 30 minutes we decide to walk a mile in the rain. Personally I'm excited because I LOVE the rain! 
Matt insisted I wear his jacket, which looks like a baggy dress on me. But ok..

I immediately start my shenanigans and splash him but jumping straight into a puddle! Not caring that my feet and shoes are now soaked. It was worth it ;)
He sighed and shook his head. He know how much I love rain and puddles and all things storm related.
I splash him a few more times as we walk along taking advantage of all the awnings trying to keep dry. Well.. he was... I on the other hand was out in the rain looking up at the sky with the dumbest smile on my face.

Then we came across this little guy..

He was a smart little baby bird and was under an awning. His baby feathers still got wet though. We tried to get him to come up to us, perhaps hoping we could scoop him up, although I'm not sure why?? I mean what would we do with him? Bring him to the game?

We reached the ball park with 10 minutes before the doors opened.
Or were supposed to open. 4pm rolled around quickly with no sign of a door being opened.

At Minute Maid Park the main entrance has a giant awning and half way under it are the metal detectors. So typically we all wait on one side of them and then go through them and then walk to the doors and get in.
However, due to the rain they let everyone line up to the doors so that no one was out in the rain. Nice right?
Perhaps it would of been if they had a plan on how to let people in whilst still going through bag checks and metal detectors. But they didn't think about that. After about 20 minutes they started letting 2-5 people in every 5-10 minutes. This made everyone else really upset. People started banging on the doors and yelling. 30 minutes later with 5-10 THOUSAND impatient people crammed up against the doors and each other some employees were finally sent out to get the metal detectors and set them up inside by the doors.
These poor employees were getting cussed out so bad.. They were just following orders..
 We waited another 20-30 minutes. During that time the crowd was getting more intense. One man lit a cigarette and everyone searched for him and started screaming at him because they were all so close together.
We managed to get in a good laugh with the guys next to us. We share stories about our mutual "bad luck" and how all these crazy things seem to happen when we are around.
We all were slightly concerned that if they made the crowd wait another 30 minutes a riot would breakout.
But thankfully they opened the doors and we got in and got to our seats. And those cool guys ended up sitting six row up from us.

I for one LOVE when crazy things like this happen. Just eventful, crazy, exciting days! They make me feel alive and interested in life!

I've never been a sunset person. I much prefer sunrises. They mean the start of a new day for new adventures! But sunsets mean the end of a day and being grumpy and tired..
But this sunset was just as exciting as the day was.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Equestri-Fit Week Two Recap || Rose Gold Pans!

First off, I just wanna say sorry this post is so late! Week three's recap will be up this Saturday.

Guys! I. Found. Rose. Gold. Pans!
That's right! Rose Gold frying pans. I couldn't believe it when I saw them.
Just look at them!

We were just casually perusing Marshall's

Friday, July 14, 2017

|| Protein Blueberry Apple Muffins ||

Who doesn't like muffins? Personally, I prefer them over cake or pastries, even doughnuts any day! But... here's a little known fact