8 Week Equestri-Fit Challenge || Live On Facebook!

Hey guys! So I've had a Facebook page for my blog almost since I first started
it in 2015. However I quickly stopped using it for some reason (I'm dumb! lol) But I have republished it and it is now live! Please go like it  https://m.facebook.com/thegalloptogreatness/


Now as for that 8 week equestrian fitness challenge I was talking about. It's happening! We're calling it Equestri-Fit. And I will be using Google+ to do the group.

The Breakdown

Each of us will write a goal. Then we will each introduce ourselves and share our workout schedule and eating plans. Every week we will evaluate how we did and what progress we've made.

The group will be called Equestri-Fit Challenge. You can find it on google+.

Join us here Equestri-Fit Challenge (Google+ Group)

There will be 4 categories.

Goals! Introductions - This is where you go to introduce yourself and share your goal of what you want to accomplish by the end of the 8 weeks.

Workout Schedules and Eating Plans - This is where you share your workout schedule or at least how many times a week you wanna workout and how or what you plan to eat.

Check Ins - Every Sunday we all reevaluate how we did the past week and track our progress and decide what/if we need to do something differently.

Discussion - Is just that. It's where we can all share our daily highs and lows. Our questions and concerns. Our tips and advice. And just be there everyday to support each other.


Share this challenge with all your friends!

It starts immediately because I low-key started July 1st. But that doesn't matter because anyone can join at anytime. But it does end September 1st.

Who knows depending on how this one goes we may be doing more and even give out prizes and stuff if this takes off so SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! ;)


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