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Our kitchen is a whole lot better than it was when we first got married. Three years ago we didn't even own a pair of tongs or a strainer. We had only one spatula and only a handful of odd dishes. 

But now we have lots of nice dishes and flatware. And a decent amount of pots and pans.
Our cooking and eating habits have definitely improved too lol.
But nothing lasts forever... our beloved and very well used fry pans had hit the end of the road. So last night we set off to get new ones. Well the plan was to just get one buuuuuut that's not exactly what happened...
We decided to start with Homegoods in our search.
We immediately found some really pretty pans.

We were suckers for the pastel green and powder blue. And thankfully they work great too!!

So we grabbed our pretty little pans because we couldn't just choose one (last one of each) and headed to the checkout. On the way we came across what looked like a clearance cart with only a few items on it. There was an off white fluffy thing hidden under one of the lower shelves. Naturally I pulled it out to see what it was.

We couldn't say no to that face.. and for only 5 bucks we decided to adopt the llama.

While in line we made another discovery.

We call them "cowboy cups" because the sound they make reminds Matthew of a western movie.

Fun Fact!

I'm extremely hard wearing on ev-er-y-th-ing! I'm lucky if a shirt lasts me a year before becoming worn out. Shoes last about six months before they fall apart. My pans lasted only a year. Well really I should of thrown them out months ago but I'm cheap lol. So naturally when it comes to phones I'm a disaster waiting to happen. 

My first phone was the Razor (they were the coolest thing back in the day) and after about a month I washed it in the washer.... I spent the next two years with a cheap and very annoying walmart phone before upgrading to some LG phone. The LG was THE most durable phone ever! I once lost it out in the snow for 3 days and it still worked! 

The next upgrade was a droid Eris I believe... It was the first model and thus had some glitches. It's cause of death was a "corrupted file". Mind you, I don't go on any questionable websites or dabble in anything naughty. Literally I live and breathe horses.. that's all I looked at. Since I was eligible for another upgrade I got downgraded to some cobalt blue slide phone for a while. 

At last I got my beloved Xperia 3zv! I FREAKING loved that thing! The 21+ megapixel camera was to die for! The only downside was how delicate the phone was. Over the past two years I've cracked the screen twice. And any little crack renders it useless. Not to mention it's not a common phone so parts are hard to get and each of those repairs cost me $200+ Ouch! But it was worth keeping my camera and stuff.

Last week while at work though it fell out of my hands and the power button broke. Enough was enough. It was time for an upgrade.

That ladies and gentlemen is my first iphone. It's a 7plus in rose gold (yes I'm that basic). It took a few hours to get used to but now it's a lot easier to use. I always have my phones in a case, so for this beauty we got a clear Tech21 case. 


1. Little things can make a big difference. Maybe not a life changing difference but having nice pans, cups, and a random llama dog toy can do wonders for your mood. It's not the things, it's the moments created around them.

2. Don't be afraid to explore your options. Matthew was apprehensive about going in the verizon store for fear of being talked into something we don't want/need. We had put off getting a new phone for a while because we thought it would shoot up our bill. But the verizon guy at the store let us do our thing and then helped us lower our bill by $30.00 while still getting much needed insurance on my phone!

Next up!

My next immediate goal is to get a working computer by next month because this one is trash. A. It only works when plugged in because the battery is shot. B. It's super glitchy!

My foremost goal is to have more meaningful content on here rather than a hodgepodge of random life happenings from time to time. I haven't found a horse yet but once I start shopping again I will be posting about it and once we choose one I will be doing tons of horse related posts with our journey, riding routines, training tips, and horse-hacks.
But in the meantime I'm focusing on my fitness and emotional health. I'm thinking of doing a weekly workout. And a quick health related post every week. Mixing in some motivational posts here and there too.
Let me know what you guys think?


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