|| 108 || 1 Year || And Losing Tubs


As of February 15th I've been rather steady at 108lbs. I know it's still quite low especially for being 5'5". But that's an 11lb gain since June (give or take a month or two because my inlaws kinda crashed my plans a little).

But March is here and swimsuit season is probably in just a few weeks here in Texas. True, at 108lbs I don't have much to worry about. But I would like some stomach definition this year so I'm currently starting a small "cut".
My plan so far is to stay at about 1600 calories a day. I usually get about 1700 or so but lately I haven't had much appetite. And I've started doing 5-10 minutes of stair master at the gym before and after my workouts. 

I don't want to lose any muscle so I'm going to have to trim up very carefully. I can't lose  too much weight or I risk losing muscle.
I took my measurements today and they are
Arms 10"
Waist 25"
At the belly button 28.5"
Hips 35"
Upper thigh 19.5"
Mid thigh 16"
Lower thigh 14"
Calves 11"
So yes I'm still small and "underweight" but I'm gonna trim off a little tiny bit of fat and maintain until August or September then start bulking again.

1 Year

My goal ever since I was 8 years old was to have my own farm. And now with Matthew's help and support we are going to make it happen.
Over the next year we are going to work on our credit, pay off some debt, and save money allllll at the same time. 
It will take discipline and sacrifice but it will be worth it because after 1 year we will be able to buy a small property using "first-time home buyers". 

Losing Tubs?

Who is Tubs??
"Tubs" is what I call my stomach lol.
I don't have a big stomach by any means. But I have just a tiny bit extra there. As you know I'll be trimming up and losing some fat. Hopefully I can get some actual abs this year!


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