Maine || Part 2

Alright where did I leave off??
Oh, skiing.

Yes so after we paid for my ticket and rentals we went to actually get the rentals.
You sign a waver.
It's funny how many waivers I've signed in my life. Maybe I should be concerned? 
I put the boots on. Matt and his brother helped me get them adjusted. 
And then they tell me to walk... In the ski boots... The lady said "heel to toe". Aha! No problem there! It's just like walking in brand new tall boots. Not a whole lot of flexibility. 
Matt and his brother were amazed I could walk so well in them. Thank you horses!

After some shuffling in the snow and learning that I have to kick my heels out (opposite of steady lower leg while riding) to turn I was ready for my first green. (hahaha I'm a greenie now lol aren't I punny).

I fell getting off the lift the first time and got tangled up with some cones lol. The second time I fell because I caught an edge when we first started down the slope. But I did it a few more times successfully so they decided to bring me to the next green which was a tad but steeper. 
Here's what happened... 

After that we took a break and then we went back out a few more times before calling it a night because it started getting pretty icy and I already have trouble stopping because I don't weigh enough lol.
It was icy enough that Matthew fell in a ditch and his brother had to try and rescue him but non of us could stop laughing lol.
 They had these cool benches made from old snowboards.

The next day..
We decided to go to a trampoline Park instead of skiing because everyone else was so sore. Matts toes hurt from being squished because his boots are a little small (12 is the biggest they make) and his brothers ankles were hurting and my brother had whiplash from a fall he had.
At this place they had a mini ninja warrior course!
Matt and his brother went first. Matt lost due to getting stuck on the ropes. Then me and my brother raced. I won mwahaha.. And then My brother inlaw Jacob and I raced and he won because I was to weak to climb as fast over the ropes (that's what happens when you live off of cliff bars and subway for 3 days lol).
But we had fun and broke a sweat.
I refuse to accept that my brother made it across the tight rope 10 times! And I couldn't do it once even though I almost did 7/10 times.

Why can't I have money!...

This seems to happen every trip. And we'll every week/month/year/story of my life. We save or try to save and end up with nothing because life sucks you dry! Lol
We went to Freeport that has an awesome outlet village with all the beat brands. J. Crew, Vinyard Vines, Calvin Klein, The North Face, llbean, Patagonia, ect....
We found this awesome shop at the mall across from our hotel.
Look at all the awesome nerdy things I'd buy if I had money lol

Look! It's Finnley's fat brother! Lol
And almost met the doctor! Lol

Oh and this is us trying to take a normal picture....

We actually bought scatagories and played it every night! Although I will say we played to win so our games were not PG lol

We were going to walk around "Quincy Market" in Boston but there was no parking and we drove around for what felt like forever until I was car sick and had super low blood sugar. At along last we found a Whole Foods whilst searching for a Chipotle. GPS got us lost... 
After filling up Jacob dropped us all off at the airport 6 hours before our flight lol. 

Now I am a Starbucks girl (basic, I know) but Matthew grew up on Dunkin Donuts. Now, for some reason the only Dunkin Donuts I like are up north. So at this point I realized I hadn't had my traditional New England trip Dunkin Donuts visit. 

So we found one in the airport. Mistake.... The staff was nice but my drink was nasty! However my brothers story is hilarious lol. So he walks up to the Mr. Dunkin Donuts guy and asks for "a Chai latte, but not the latte". Most understandably Mr Dunkin doesn't understand. Bless my brothers heart, but that is not how you order a drink! So then my brother asks "do you serve any cold drinks, Frappuccino?" aye! Why did he ask for a Frappuccino I have no idea... Mr. Dunkin gives a very confused look whilst gazing across the hall at Starbucks right behind us and replies "Nooo....". So my brother orders the hot Chai latte. Next in line was Matthew and I and we order an iced vanilla latte and an iced Caramel macciatto. Mr. Dunkin "ok!" my brother just glares at us...
"how!?!" my brother asks us. "but I thought they didn't serve cold drinks!" we laughed and got him a cup of ice to pour his over. Lol his face was priceless. 

P.s. Look who we saw on the airport 
Can you see him?


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