Setting New Records || Stronger || Weigh-in

This past week has been full of newness. 

Possibly a new mare for starters. That alone is enough to engulf my thoughts into possible names, colors, tack and equipment, saddle pad and boot combos, the way I want to go about training her, when to show, ect...

But my body has finally decided to get with my bulking program too! Early this week I weighed in at 106 which was huge! 
I've been stuck at 105lbs for a while and was beginning to lose hope. 
However, I know my body and sometimes it teases me with a half pound gain and then loses 2lbs....

So I thought maybe 106 was just a fluke. But then I weighed myself yesterday and.....

Who'd of thought putting on two pounds over the same week or two could make a girl so happy. #happygains 

My goal is 108 by February. I may try for 110 but honestly I'm not sure I can take stuffing my face much longer lol.

Don't get me wrong. I've been loving all the food and totally agree with the whole #gainingweightiscool thing. 
But I am losing my appetite. Like I don't even feel like eating when I'm hungry. Nothing seems appealing anymore so maybe a break is needed...

But here's some awesome news.
Yesterday I did new personal bests on almost everything in the gym.

I worked quads and calves.
I got 10 more lbs on squats, 5 more lbs on leg extension, and 10 more lbs on calf raises. Some serious gains! Well for me at least...


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