|| PR's & Packing ||

These past two weeks I've been hitting new PR's in quite a few different lifts and machines.

For instance my squat went from 140lbs on the Smith machine. Yes, I use the Smith machine... But that's all my gym has. Don't worry I plan on changing that soon.

But back to lifting.. My last session ended on 150lbs. That's a lot for a girl who not even a year ago could barely do 65lbs.

I have officially added an abs and stretching day because... I've shamefully neglected any ab-work. And because I'm not very flexible and developing some would be very useful for lifting and Riding. You need heel depth for both!

Wait, packing for what? Where? Why?

I'm moving to Scotland! 

Just kidding..
I wish I wasn't though lol.

We are packing for our trip to Maine. It will be Matthew and I, my brother, and Matt's brother. We'll be flying in Thursday morning and flying back Sunday night. 

I will be taking lots of pics and some video so you guys can see our craziness.

I'm super nervous because I will try skiing for the first time ever. #prayforme

Two kinda of people..

There are people who start packing two weeks before the trip. They have everything ready a few days in advance. They think about everything, and stress over everything.
Then you have people who start packing a day or two before. Go back and forth between what to bring. Still don't finish till an hour before they leave. And don't worry over much.

Matthew, bless his heart. Is the first type. I on the other hand, am the second type.

My brother is even worse than me though. So Matthew helped him pack on Tuesday to make sure he was ready.
It's kind of adorable... Seeing a grown man care so much over everything.
The end result.
My brother will spent the night with us last night and the three of us fly out this morning and meet Matt's brother in Boston. 


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