Ponies! || Decisions || And What's Next

Saturday morning came. It was surprisingly cold for Texas. 21 degrees and feels like 12. I thought my phone had the wrong city.
That ladies and gentlemen is ice, in Rosenberg Texas. 
So I layered up in my favorite carhartt sweater and jacket, slipped on my beloved muck boots and we headed out to meet some possible new ponies.

The lady was very nice and was super honest with us. She rescued them but paid 900 for the pair so she wants 300 each. Which is a great deal. Me and a friend were gonna pick up the pair and board just down the road from my apartment. 
My friend couldn't make it so me and Matthew went to check em out first.
As you can see they are cute.
But we were expecting 14h+ ponies/horses. They were more like 13+hh and never have had shots, Coggins, or even their feet done. Only one takes a halter and the other is aggressive.
The lighter one is chill and sweet.
The darker one is the aggressive one. And she made it clear the whole visit. She flared her nostrils, gave dirty looks, pinned her ears, bossed the other pony around. And towards the end of the visit she attacked the lady!
Now I'm by no means scared of a challenge and my friend wants a challenge but after we thought about it, it was the unknown health that scared us off the most.
If I had my own farm I'd scoop em up. But I can't dump 300 dollars a month into a pony that's too small for me and may be nothing but a money pit.
So with slightly disappointed hearts we thanked her and informed her that we were going to keep searching.

For me, this is the third "possible horse" I've either couldn't take, lost out on, or turned down in the past year.
But I'm going to keep saving and searching until I find the Dressage mare I'm looking for.

However there may still be some immediate hope.
Remember that dressage trainer I was gonna get lessons from?
Well she never responded.
I found a classical dressage coach that is in my town and I may get lessons from her while I'm saving and searching for my next horse.

I'm trying to be positive and not feel depressed. But it always feels like my life teases me.
I will have boundless opportunities ahead of me and then before the first step or two it all comes crashing down.
My boss finally let me have the weekends off which is a big deal for me because it's the only time I get with Matthew. But because my coworkers didn't do their job this weekend (my first one off) he told me today that I now have to work Saturdays..
I was so excited for life.
I had weekends with Matthew, a possible horse, and a trip Maine to look forward to.
But now reality strikes! And I have a chopped up work week, no foreseeable horse, and I'm anxious because I can't get my paid time off to go through and I've already bought my plane ticket because I was assured it would be fine.

So here goes another dose of reality..

Pray for me..

For my emotional health..


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