Maine || Part 1

We picked up my brother to stay with us Wednesday night so we can all travel together to the airport the next morning. 
We didn't go to bed till 1:00 am or so...
Then the alarms went off at 4:00 am. We grabbed our stuff and loaded up the jeep.

We're off!

And just like horse "hurry up and wait".

I took this time waiting for our flight to make sure Finley was properly dressed for going to New England. 
I also made sure the squad was all with us. 
Yes, I'm that childish... 
Can't go anywhere without Herman the dinosaur, Finley the Fox, and Minty the mare.
And before we knew it, 
bye bye Houston 

Matthew got this amazing shot of all the water sparkling in the morning light.

We ain't in Kansas anymore 
Our flight from Houston took us to Kansas where we didn't even leave the plane. They let off those with connecting flights and took on those continuing to Boston. So we literally just sat on the plane the whole time.
So even though it was our first time in Kansas. We didn't exactly get to breathe Kansas air. But we did get to see their runway lol.

The face Matt makes at our first glimpse of snow.

Matt's brother picked us up in Boston and we all drove to Maine.

The first thing we did was get my brother some snowboarding boots. We went to at least 3 ski shops and we didn't find anything affordable in his size until we made a last ditch effort and tried zumiez at the mall.... Figures...
I was 75% (give or take) sure that I was going to try skiing so after zumiez pulled through for us instead of ski shops for boots. We decided to try TJ Maxx first for snow pants. 
Matthew found me a decent pair of Under Armours that are a little big for only 30 bucks! I'm a small but they only had medium. They worked though and are completely wind and water proof! 
We also found some fitted Under Armour cold gear sweat pants to go underneath for only 20 bucks!
Literally some of the best spent 50 dollars ever..

We went bowling that night after shopping and had a blast.

Sightseeing and Skiing.... 
The next morning we headed out to see a bit of Maine.
So with Finley and Herman situated we explored some scenery.

Is it snowing? 

Lots of pretty roads..

We really adore these barn-like houses and shops!

Some more road lol
 And a giant stump.. 
Still pretty though, pictures don't do it justice. 

We drove through some islands and snapped some drive-by photos of the view they have

Help me... I have issues..
This is the photo I take when I'm trying to take a selfie of me and my brother
And this is the photo I take when I'm trying to take a picture of the scenery as quick as I can and forget my camera is facing me..
Probably my best photo of the trip lol!

After our mini expedition we went to Shawnee Peak to ski/snowboard
Again photos don't quite do it justice. 

These 3 nuts went skiing and snowboarding during the day.

I joined them at 3:30.
I almost backed out though haha.. Oh sweet anxiety..

Stay tuned for part two! I've got more pics and video coming your way.
 Don't miss my first time skiing!

Spoilers! I don't die..


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