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This time of year everyone is "goal-oriented". I on the other hand always have been that way.

As some of you know I have an Etsy shop and I sell clothes and more on Customized Girl (it's like etsy but you only make commission on your designs).

I've been thinking of opening up a retail location locally and buying wholesale equestrian items and selling them. However that takes a pretty hefty startup....
So I was recently babbling to Matthew in the car as I often do. And then, it hit me.

Why not do an online shop?

No, not like Etsy or Customized Girl. I mean like find someone locally who will manufacture my designs for wholesale prices. I can store them at home or in a climate controlled storage unit. And sell them online. 

Pros and Cons 

Pro - Personal quality assessment. I can make sure everything is "just so".

Pro - Personalized packaging. I can make sure it's lovingly packaged. And make sure my customers feel as special to me as they are.
Con - I have to pay for all the packaging supplies.

Pro - Cutting out the middle man. I can make sure money goes where it should. And make sure neither my customers or I have to overpay. 
Con - Less selection at first. Because by cutting out the middle man I take on full responsibility for expenses. That means I have to invest quite a bit at first in only a few items in multiple sizes before I can make enough money for more product selection later.

Pro - Coupons, discount codes, and sales! I will have full control to offer all of that and thus be able to offer you guys all of those!

Con - Risk. There is always a huge chance it will fail. That we won't have enough customers to stay alive.

As you can see the pro's are very exciting! And the con's are very scary... 

We still have some research and investigating to do in order to understand the details better before we commit to such and exciting yet scary venture. 

Please comment or contact us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Our idea is to launch sometime in summer. 

Will you support us?


  1. There are quite a few articles out there about buying inexpensive/cheap wholesale items then selling at a markup. You purchase typically through Alibaba (although some people do it through Amazon) and then sell through any medium you want. It's a place to start if you want to get an idea for how things will run without having a product that you design personally and have produced only for you.

    1. Thank you, I will definitely keep that in mind.


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