Shopping Haul || Winter Decor || And Shop Update!!

Alright, so recently my mom started "couponing".
Sweet! Right?
I mean, she gets amazing deals. Like getting 100 bucks worth of bathroom products (toothpaste, mouthwash, brushes, ect) for like $2.50 but..
That means she hunts down and hoards Sunday papers, sale ads, ect. Spends hours and hours combing through them finding multiple coupons to use on the same items. And then going to the stores where they are and strategically planning how to purchase them for maximum savings.

It is an art..

It takes insane concentration and focus. And is well worth the savings.

However, it's not something I can do. I don't have the time or the concentration for it. But I do like to take advantage of a few here and there that she tells me about. So I accompany here and help out. Especially for CVS trips because, well, makeup!

Good deal right?
Yes, if, your "ok" with potentially embarrassing situations lol.

Let me tell you a story..

Once upon a time...
More like, last week.
Mom had used all her CVS coupons for the week. And I hadn't, nor did I plan on using them. So I offered to let her use them.
We went to the CVS across the street from my apartment and let the shopping commence.
So, in order for her to use my coupons she gave me the cash and products she wanted and I purchased them having my CVS card scanned. Any CVS bucks we got back on the receipt I gave to her and she would pick out more stuff and have me use the CVS bucks with her coupons. It's a chain-reaction effect.
The first 3 purchases weren't bad. The next 3 were slightly uncomfortable. Honestly I was a bit worried we were doing some "funny business". But I had the same cashier every time and he was cool. After the first 5 transactions I just started cracking jokes about how my mom needs an intervention. He was cool and joked about how most coupon lady's never leave... Three transactions later, so on number 7 or 8. I was walking by some lipstick (MUA brand) that was out of stock just an hour ago and saw that the shade I wanted had magically appeared.
So there I was buying it on transaction 8 or 9. I told the guy how it has magically appeared and he informed me that in between our various transactions he had been restocking.
So I immediately went over to NYX Cosmetics to see what new stuff was out. A few things but nothing I "needed". As we shopped for our last transaction he came over and asked if we were looking for more makeup. I replied "maybe, what do you have?" He pointed to an entire cart. "Any NYX?". He pointed to an entire basket. So I rifled through it and ended up talking myself out of it lol.
Bottom line though I personally got some good deals. I got two NYX lipsticks for 12 bucks and change and got 3 CVS bucks back on my receipt which I used to get a lip liner. I also got a MUA lipstick for .99 cents because even though it's 6 dollars you get 5 bucks back on your receipt!
So I got 3 lipsticks and a lip liner for 13 dollars and change.

NYX Nude Lip Liner

And on...
I love this liner! It goes on nicely and is the perfect shade! 
Plus is really does help those tricky lipsticks apply better.

NYX Shy Matte Lipstick

And on..
Sorry the left pic looks weird. All my pics tend to look weird. I think the right pic looks better. Both are NYX Nude lip liner under NYX Matte Shy Lipstick. But the right pic is a full face of makeup.. well for me.. (so about half the makeup most girls do lol).
I will be honest here.... This lipstick is impossible to apply without liner first! But using a nude liner it is very doable.

NYX London Matte Lip Cream

And On..
Out of all of them this one is the easiest to apply. The wand applicator probably helps.. lol.

MUA Mauve Lipstick

 And On..
This one is easy to apply as well. goes on super smooth.

Well that's all I got! :)


Winter is finally upon us.

Well here its only about 50 degree's which isn't cold but it is for Texas...

As you know last week or so we went to Biglots.
While we were there we simply fell in love with a comforter set.

Yes this is it. Yes that is a deer head. And yes we are surprised we liked it.
To us it seemed very 'log cabin in Maine' kinda feel to it so naturally we had to have it!

Our style is rather Log Cabin meets Classic Equestrian.
When I say log cabin I don't mean a hunters cove. I mean a winter escape.

I even found this silver deer antler candle holder on clearance at work. My coworkers teased me for buying something so hideous but I think it works for us.

I put it on our natural finish pine coffee table with our equestrian coasters!



We made our first Etsy Sale!!

I had off today so I slept in. After a late breakfast we headed to the gym. In the middle of warming up on squats I saw I had a message. And to my amazement it was actually a sale on Etsy.
Etsy is tough. It's so hard to sell anything on there!
But after a year of waiting and trying different things I finally made a sale.

This beauty ships out tomorrow!

Hopefully this is the start to great things for us!


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