New Hair || Rant || And Winter Is Here!!

I did it! I got my hair even lighter!
I thought it would clash with my skin and look terrible but I braved the risk and did it anyway and I'm Sooooooo glad I did.
In honor of it being the first of December...
 I decided to take these pics with winter hats on lol any excuse to wear one right???

                  Before VS After
What do you think?
*Note: The "Before" pic was taken at the salon. The "After" pic was taken at home by myself lol.

If you live near Sugar Land Texas I HIGHLY recommend Sarah if you need someone to do your hair.

P.S. I may go even lighter in a few months... Maybe higher up too...


Now, I normally avoid ranting via social media.
But I want to express that my life is faaaaar from perfect. 

So here it goes.....

Facebook, I blame you....

So on Thanksgiving day I was browsing Facebook. I'm not the biggest Facebook fan but I go on and see how all my old barn-mates are doing. One of which posted about how all the boys in her family had to schedule times to use their oven for baking. I commented how that's pretty awesome. They all bake?!?! 
Shortly after she messaged me seeing how I was doing. We briefly chatted and she asked if I wanted to come ride. I of course after these past 5-6 months of riding withdrawals I readily accepted the offer.
She asked about Saturday. I told her I worked but was off Sunday but had plans at 5pm so I had to be out by 3:30pm. We joked about how busy I am and then I mentioned how on Saturday I got off at 4pm and then was getting my hair done but it shouldn't be too long. She said to just message her.
So what happened was I thought she meant to come Saturday evening. And she thought Sunday.... A misunderstanding.
While I was at the hair-dresser Saturday after work I messaged my barn-mate that my hair was almost done but that I forgot my boots....
She started freaking out messaging me 'am I riding without her?' 'How that wasn't her intent' and how 'she's not comfortable with that'. All in 3-4 separate texts before I could even respond with "no, sorry we misunderstood each other". I assured her I NEVER wanted to ride without her and not to worry about it.
But seriously?!?
How lowly can you possibly think of me?
She's known me for over a year....She should know me better than that.
First off, I am a respectful person. I would NEVER assume that I can just ride someone else's horse. Even when someone offers me to without them I don't out of respect. It is THEIR horse and I have no right to it. Period.
Secondly...Wait, your not comfortable with what??? My riding? You've seen me ride for over a year. I may not be the best but I've successfully taken over two horses you couldn't deal with. So don't even try to insinuate that...
Now, you may think I'm being overly sensitive but you don't know her. She's one of those high and mighty know-it-all's...
I don't mean to bad mouth but she one of those people who tries to belittle everyone and make herself look better than she is...
That's just how she is and I should of known better than to think she being nice.

So there I am getting my hair done trying to converse normally and hide my emotions. I'm not even bummed about not riding. I just feel hurt that someone would assume I'm that desperate. And I'm angry because I'm offended that someone who has no room to judge would judge me so harshly.
Once we were back in the car Matthew asked what was wrong and I explained it. He was a little pissed too but mainly because he thought it would put me in a bad mood. But I assured him that although I had some negative emotions running through at the moment it wouldn't ruin the night.
And it didn't! I was fine by the time we got home. I was happy again.
The secret?
I talked it out. I concluded that I can't ride again until I own my own horse again. Because A. I don't have a support system of any kind from other equestrians. And B. Lessons, or at least any half decent ones are too expensive and I wouldn't be able to save for anything.
So here I am channeling my frustrated energy and need for vindication into my business.
And that's frustrating too lol,
It's ok though. It will work. Because I will make it work.


~`*Winter is here*`~

And that means it's cold. Well everywhere except Texas right? lol.

Nonetheless that shall not stop me from designing this!

It's available in a lot different colors! But this is my favorite.
Available here: Winter Horse Sweater

P.S. If you guys buy something from any of my shops and want to be featured wearing/using it just post it on Instagram with #TeamTGTG or #LiveTheGallopToGreatness


  1. I started my blog out as something formal with a little pick me up at the end of every post. Now it's just "Hey guys, here's how horses pissed me off today. Also, college sucks." lol

    1. lol I guess you can relate to horse-life frustrations.. I've read your blog and I like it. Your always very honest and slightly random which keeps it interesting. I'm always afraid I'm too boring.


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