Cookies || Happy Anniversary! || And Some Family History...

Sorry this post is a little late. But it's been hard to get some time to blog...

December 7th

Everyone thinks Pearl Harbor.
But for Matthew and I it marked out 3 year wedding anniversary.

Why on Pearl Harbor Day? You may ask....

Funny story,
....because it fit.
It was the only convenient time for everybody. I didn't even realize what day it was on until after.

So Matthew and I are pretty low-key people. We don't like a whole lot of fuss. Especially about us. My family on the other hand looooves to make a fuss over wedding anniversary's. The first two years we did a small family dinner but this time we let them do a big family dinner. And thankfully they kept it chill/low-key. 

It was Matthew and I off course. My parents and 4 siblings. My older sister (from my dads first marriage) and her husband. My uncle and aunt, their 3 kids. Another cousin and her husband, and Mami.... "Mami" is what we call my grandmother. She is 4'11" and crazy! lol. She is a very nice lady (sometimes..) but she scares most people (literally). 

I know this doesn't sound like much but it is... First off for Matthew (who's family all live out of state so they weren't there) 6 people is a big family dinner. For me 20+ is. But this was 17, 17 very loud people. Literally if you've seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" THAT IS my family.

Of course we are not Greek (might as well be though)...

My dad, his two brothers and their parents moved to the U.S.A. from Chile South America when my dad was 17. 
He has been in the U.S.A. for over 40 years now. He went back to visit and said he felt like an outsider. :(
His mother's family is from Spain and Scotland. And his fathers family is from Germany and Italy.

My mothers family has been in the states a bit longer.
On one side she has a grandmother from Portugal and a grandfather that was French-Canadian.
On the other side its German, Scottish, English, and Irish.

So when people ask, I say, my dad is from Chile but I'm of European decent.

Cool thing about my dads side being from Chile is the food.

Some favorites are "Pastel De Choclo" (literally means "corn paste" sounds better in spanish right?), "Pantrucas" (it's a dumpling soup), "Sopapilla's", most people know the Mexican version but the Chilean one is fried discs of dough. 

And of course "Empanada's"!!

We have these for nearly every special occasion. And Matthew and I requested them for our anniversary this time.

It's a simple dough made from flour, salt, water, and shortening. We roll it out and put a spoonful or two, or three of a ground beef and onion mix (pre-cooked of course). Then we add a quarter of a hard-boiled egg, an olive, and a sprinkle of raisins, yes raisins.... Believe it or not the raisins make this dish. Then we fold it up and seal it with an egg-wash and bake it.

Nothing like a good old fashioned family dinner.


So now are you ready for dessert?

These cookies are perfect for Tea time :)

P.S. Sorry they aren't very healthy....


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