Yet Another Dinosaur On The Road || Full-Time? || And How Do You Eat Pumpkin Seeds Anyway?

It was a sunny Tuesday morning. Not a cloud in the sky. We were leaving Target after not being able to find a "cheap enough" basketball (oh yeah, FYI Matt's brother is visiting again!) and there it was.... There before our very feet, in the Target parking lot, was a Dinosaur.

A small toy dinosaur, but a dinosaur nonetheless.

Matthew of course picks it up and puts it on the hood of our Jeep.
The following Video is taken on our way from Target to Walmart.
*Side Note - There are 3 people talking. Matthew, his brother, and me (please excuse myself *facepalm*)

Once we parked at Walmart Matthew decided to stick Herman in the grill.

Remember our mission is to get the cheapest basketball we can find.
Also, Matthew always refuses to ask anybody about anything. He *thinks* people will get annoyed with him (rolls eyes).
We find a bin of basketballs marked for $4.88. But there are two different kinds of basketballs in it. So I take the one Matthew and his brother like and I approach the nearest employee and ask "excuse me" in a sheepish voice "can you just check the price on this, it was in the $4.88 bin but we aren't sure if it's right". The man checks it and says its actually $14.00 but since it's open he can give it to us for $8.00. Sweet! What a deal! the second cheapest was at Marshalls for $12.00 and it was flat! The man even knocked off an extra 2 bucks for us :)

Lesson of the day - Don't be afraid to ask.

Now, Back to Herman..

This is what happened from Walmart to our apartment.

After Hermans epic survival we decided he had earned his spot in the Jeep.


So what's this about full-time?

Well, as of sometime this month I am officially a full-time employee for the first time ever.

Yes, and scarey.

What does this mean though?
Well I'm gonna be really busy, busier, busier-er to say the least. But I will continue to blog as usual. I still plan on making equestrian products. So far I'm working on some Saddle Pad, Polo Wrap, and Beaded Browband Sets.
The extra income will mean some much needed clothing for both of us. And an even greater needed Chiropractor visits. Not to mention paying off some debts!
And finally being able to save for a house (with land).
But most excitingly. It means, I now have the means to own a horse again.


We are all very aware it's pumpkin season lol. I saw these cinnamon & sugar pumpkin seeds and knew I had to try them. 

So I got them. And once I opened them up I asked Matt's family "Wait, how do you eat this? Do you eat the shell?"
They kinda chuckled and said yes.
And then I saw this on the back of the bag.

Guys, they put this there for the dummies like me... *facepalm*


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