|| That Time We Stalked Dinosaurs On The Highway || In-Laws Are Back! || And Why I Need Gym ||

So, where did I leave off?

Yes, my in-laws left for about a week. 

During that time me and Matthew kind of got our act back together (hence that last post about "what happened to me"). But they did in fact come back. So my blogging (and life in general) game is a bit off but I'm not giving up.
Matthew was sick the whole week his parents were away. And he was sick some of last week too. So our gym routine suffered (aka died). But we did manage to get in a good leg workout this past Sunday which was SO NICE! because I was quite cranky (being generous to myself here) with all that time off from gym.

I'm weird, I don't know how to rest. Even just laying in bed or on a sofa I fidget a lot. I'm not hyper though. I'm just restless. 
All. The. Time.
And when I don't have riding (currently horseless :'( for now.) or gym AND I'm stressed it's bad... really bad. I not only am even more restless than normal but I becom very irritable, cranky, and bitter.

So the gym on Sunday was interesting because it was a bit of a roller coaster ride.
I went in neutral. I didn't feel cranky. But I wasn't excited either. About half way through I got bitter. Very bitter. Matthew was ready to leave because of me lol. But by the end of it I was happy-go-lucky!
I guess the gym changes you. You always come out the opposite of how you go in. If you go in eager, you come out tired. If you go in angry, you come out happy.


Now what about those Dinosaurs?

Yes, I knew you'd wanna hear about that soon.

Well it's a funny story....

We were driving home and all of the sudden Matthew points and says "WHAT On Earth Is That?!?"
I turn my head to where his finger is pointing and behold THIS!

Yes, that my friends, is a dinosaur, on 59 south, in sugar land texas of all places.

So, what does one do other than stare?
Take pictures?

But that is not enough!
We must follow them!

We really wanted to follow them to wherever they were going but that was suspicious so we decided not to. So we ended our stalker-esque behaviour and bid them farewell.

It's things like this that spawned the #meanwhileinhouston 
Whats your #meanwhileinhouston (or wherever you live) moment? Tag us @thegalloptogreatness on instagram!


  1. Glad you got to work out! Sorry the in laws are messing with your normal life. Those dinosaurs are hilarious!

    1. Oh, it's alright, I've lived most of my life with one thing or another messing with my routine lol. And Thanks! I was dying laughing when I saw them.
      And yes! it was SO nice to workout. How have you been? Hows your fitness routine going?


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