New Season || New Wardrobe || New Releases!

Autumn seems to be in full swing. Well maybe not here. Houston area is still hitting 90 degrees. But that doesn't mean we can't have the PSL spirit right?!? lol

Anyways, I've been hard at work thinking of ways to revitalize my life and make my business more... well, of a business and not just me babbling. I mean sure there will still be me blogging about my life and all but I want to make my business a success not just a hobby. 
Personally, I do not  cope well with the normal 9-5 type life. I need a way to express my passion for horses and life while making a living.
If you follow me on Instagram you know this pic

I honestly, firmly, believe what that pic says. My passion can't possibly be random. I can not of worked so hard for so long for nothing. My efforts must mean something. I don't believe in destiny, but I do believe "you get out what you put in". I've put in a lot. I know it has to be worth it! I have always felt like I'm meant for so much more than a "normal" life. There's nothing wrong with a normal life but it's not for me.

Like I said I've been doing a lot of thinking. Owning my own place is still at least a year away at best. Opening up an equestrian retail shop is still being talked about but it's risky to say the least.

So for now, while I'm still thinking I'm gonna dig out my sewing machine and beading stuff and see what I can do.

I'd love to get your input on all this! Please, if you have any ideas, advice, or offers for me please contact me :)


One of my recent developments is our new logo!


And designed some new long sleeve logo tee's!

They come in blue too lol.

They are made of performance material so you'll be comfortable no matter what your doing.

The first one is a crew neck and only comes in white. 

The second one is a flattering V-neck that comes in white, blue, red, and grey.

The red is totally in for autumn but I have to say grey is my personal favorite since it's my color!

You can buy them through the link on my Shop page or here: Shop The Gallop To Greatness

Again, please contact me with any thoughts on my thoughts lol!


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