|| What Happened To Me? ||

Clearly I have not posted anything in a while. So where have I been?

Well I haven't gone anywhere and I don't plan on disappearing again.
But I do owe you an explanation for my absence.
Do you remember how I said my in-laws would be staying with us for two weeks?

Those "two weeks" turned into about 5 weeks. And there will probably be more....
The first week was o.k. I was still able to cram in some posts in between an already busy life and keeping my in-law occupied.
I'm a terrible host.. I tend to just leave people alone.. So I'm trying to be a better host. But as those two weeks went into 3 it became impossible to blog.
My routine had been so affected by this *extended stay* that I barely even got to go to the gym at all! It's one thing to have a guest and tell them to "make themselves at home". But you never expect them to actually take over! It's quite another thing when they practically move in! Lol.

Remember though that I live in a studio apartment. That means No bedroom. No privacy. One bathroom. So that means midnight showers, 6am breakfasts, and later dinners amongst other things because that's when I got the chance to accomplish those things. But that's ok, I've been through worse!
Needless to say I have not had a chance to blog by any means. And for that I apologize. It won't happen again.

Wait, didn't you say there might be more?

Yes, yes I did.
My in-laws will probably be back with us in October.

However, Matthew and I had a long conversation about it. And we decided that we will not let any of this affect our routine anymore.... 

And THANK GOD FOR THAT! Because this past week or two my stomach has been very unhappy.....
See, I'm too much like a horse. If you upset my routine, I get a tummy ache! lol.

So what have you missed?

Well if you follow me on instagram (@thegalloptogreatness) you haven't missed too much..

I FINALLY got my hair done!

As far as horses go.. I was waiting to see if Amber passed her trial period or not. I was hoping to snatch her up if not. But she made it through and is now a private patrol horse. I'm both happy for her in her new and purposeful life. But I won't lie, I'm also heart-broken because I really did love her and I truly do miss her.

Matthew was accompanying his mom the other day to pick up his dad and they drove through the real country and he started texted me about how much he actually missed the country life. How he wanted it again. And I couldn't of been happier to hear that! 
So we started talking about trying to get back to living in the real country hopefully as soon as our lease is up. :D

Our vehicle is Finally legal! After tons of repairs it finally passed inspection and is now registered. So no more worrying about getting a ticket. They already let us go twice!

Matthew and I have also realized that while we both love God and strive to put him first in our life we needed to refocus on him. We had been slacking and don't want to drift away from him. So we are making a bigger effort to put him before all else in life.
We also have new goals.

So my previous goals were to get a prospect and show up through the levels.
But that isn't a feasible goal for me financially. And like I said I want to put God first in my life and living a balanced life will help me do that.
That doesn't mean no more horses though or not improving my riding as best I can. It just means not spending hundreds thousands of dollars I don't have in the first place to get a ribbon.
Don't get me wrong. Showing isn't bad. It can be very good if you can afford it.
Most people can do a few low-key schooling shows. But working up the levels (even locally) takes a lot more money.

Our goals haven't changed all that much.

We just refined them

We just want to move out to the country and have one horse (maybe two lol) we can enjoy and grow with.

Greatness is not measured in dollars or ribbons or titles.
It is measured in love, integrity, purity, and simplicity.


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