~ Glazed Sweet Potatoes ~

Ah, Fall is here....

With Fall comes the stunning array of colors (unless you live in the Houston area. Sorry we only get green and brown lol.). The fresh air and cool breezes (well here it's more like breezes that don't feel like the surface of the sun). The smell of pumpkin spice, apple pie, and campfires. Who doesn't love the coziness of it all. The soothing effect it has on our souls.
But enough poetry for one day lol. It's time to cook right? I'm sure everyone is breaking out their cookbooks and family recipes.

Well I don't A-because I'm a terrible cook, I have a short attention span (kinda), and it's usually quite complicated (well sometimes). B-because I have way too many food intolerances to find a recipe that fits my criteria (totally true).

So what do I do?
I make my own!

I usually don't make "exact" recipes because I usually wing it.
Yup.. I wing it.
And you know what? It's usually not bad lol.

But here is one that I finally (kinda) made into a recipe.

Best of all it's easy and healthy (mostly!)

Glazed Sweet Potatoes


2 sweet potatoes
2 tbs coconut oil
2 tsp cinnamon
4 tsp brown sugar or honey ;)

Warm the coconut oil on low heat then add the diced sweet potatoes. Turn heat up to medium. Cover and let sit until halfway done. 
Then add cinnamon, stir and cover again until almost done.
Once they are done add brown sugar and stir it in really well. Keep the lid off and let them sit for just a few minutes before turning the heat off.


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