A Present! || Yet More Asthma || And Disaster Strikes



I worked 8:45-3pm as usual. When Matt picked me up I thought he seemed reserved so I asked him what was wrong? He said "nothing". I asked again and he answered the same with a chuckle. So I decided to rephrase the question and asked what's on his mind? His response was the same. 
Once we were home I came in and put my bag down before looking for food. Matt and his mom asked me if I noticed anything different? 
I looked around and I thought I noticed a glass end table by my chair but I thought it was his moms. As I looked further I saw a GORGEOUS pine bench/coffee table. My jaw hit the floor! 
Now most people would go and run their hand on the beautiful wood or sit on it. It had a cute nautical-esque cushion on it. But me?
I do this....

He picked it out for me at a thrift store for 15 dollars! 

That night we went over my family's house for dinner and had a blast!



I really wanted to make the best use of the morning and go to the gym but I was so tired I just couldn't get up. Me and Matthew both knew our bodies needed the rest. So we rested.



We spent some time out with Matt's mom and my family. It never stopped raining that morning. In the afternoon me and Matts mom ran to the grocery store.

Later that evening we FINALLY got to go workout where Matt works. I have been DYING to workout!! The past week feels like a week off because all we've been able to do is slow motion sessions rather than our usual gym routine. 
I almost didn't make it through the workout though because... Asthma :(

This past week my lungs have being trying to kill me again. I took a Nebulizer treatment but it only worked for a day. My Inhaler ran out last week (I think.. lol). So I just needed to survive a few more days till Friday when I have a Doctors appointment.



I worked from 8:45am-3pm. and then literally vegged the rest of the day because of a total lack of oxygen..

But I do have to tell you something funny.. Like pee your pants funny!
That night after me and Matthew had already eaten and were relaxing in our mini food coma's Matts mom got a bowl of cereal and turned the light off before sitting down. Matthew asked her "Why did you turn the light off?". She replied "I'm having a bowl of cereal!". I busted out laughing because she said it like if it were a totally normal thing to eat a bowl of cereal in the dark!
Turns out she thought Matt asked here what she had to eat.
Matthew of course played on it. He kept going on and on teasing about how he didn't know eating cereal in the dark was an everyday occurrence...



We all slept in a lot! like almost till 9 o'clock! I was relieved not to wake up in agonizing chest pain. But I still knew I wasn't getting enough oxygen and my lungs were still a little tight.

Now I'm a terrible cook but I did manage to make myself a pretty nice omelette....

Then I worked from 4pm-10:50 :(



I went to the Doctor. Finally got my meds. And decided that with the money I saved I could order a girth and boots.
Did an hour of searching. selected the. Went to check out. Shot a quick text to Fancy's owner to make sure I was ordering the right size. And....
That's when my world came to a stop.
She regretted to inform me that she now wants to just keep Fancy.
Now I understand her reasons. Fancy is her baby.
But for me this is kind of a big blow. I kind of felt this would happen anyways. But I waited on two horses and lost both. Fancy understandably. And Amber might just be a police horse soon if she passes the test.



I worked from 7:45-2pm.

Then we went to a baseball game. The game was fun. Both Matthew and his mom LOVE baseball.
I unfortunately was out of it. I was feeling depressed from not having any prospect of riding again. And was tired from work. And soooo HUNGRY!

After the game. Me and and Matt went to the grocery store for ANYTHING to eat. And I had a breakdown in the car. 

The week started off great. But ended in disaster. It's ok though. Life is a series of ups and downs. I may feel stuck now. But I always bounce back. I will have a plan soon and I will get where I need to be no matter how many set backs I'm dealt.



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