45lbs!! || Shopping Haul || And Choke....

7/31/2016 - 8/6/2016


I was totally out of it. I worked from 8:45am-3pm but my nap from the night before was still throwing me off. I felt so off I decided to skip gym (gasp!). I figured if I can barely make it through work then there is no way I'm gonna be able to workout. Better listen to my body and rest.



In the morning we went to the gym and did legs. I still felt pretty tired and just off. But I decided to go for it!


Guess what?!

I FINALLY graduated to 45lb plates!!
So naturally I need this..

Of course you probably already know this if you follow me on instagram or google+

So despite feeling like absolute crap I was able to squat 45lb plates. I have to say I'm pretty proud of that.  



I worked 8:45-4pm. Then my mom picked me up from work and we went to see the shops around where I live because their are sooo many good ones and I still haven't been to any! We also ate at cracker barrel because we were STARVING! and I hadn't been their since I was a little kid. I used to LOVE it. I'd never let my parents leave without getting a beanie baby.
I ate sooo much at crcker barrel lol. I texted Matthew to gloat over my delicious biscuits and cornbread. mwahaha...


I slept in. I planned on working out but I NEEDed the rest desperately... Then I worked from  3:15pm-11pm



We slept in a little. Then went to the gym for back and bicep. We started on the cables doing the cross row things lo. Then compound row, lat pull down on the cables, hammer curls, preacher curl, and wide grip assisted pull ups.



We did chest and tricep at the gym. Started with bench press, then fly's on the cables, chest press with dumbbells, tricep extensions, dip machine, and assisted dips.
After the gym my mom invited me to go shopping with her again. She was on the hunt for a shirt to go with a new skirt she got.

But first Denny's!

So you know its bad when your waiter takes a double take in horror because skinny little you just ate 4 eggs and a sausage patty and your mom's left overs in under 5 minutes lol. #dontjudgemeiwasreallyhungry

Well.... We went to Macy's and my mom didn't find a shirt. But she did find a NICE suit for 30 bucks! :0 My little sister insisted on some clothes for herself. Goodness she is 5 and already a shopper lol. I Tried on a random hat.

Then my mom took me to the clearance racks that had my size and told me to look through and get what I liked.. 
After getting lost in the space time continuum of the clearance rack vortex I finally got out with 3 skirts, 3 shirts, and a jacket!

After our adventure shopping and devouring Denny's (Matthew felt very left out.. poor baby.. lol) my parents invited us to go see the latest Bourne Movie. We have been waiting YEARS for this movie.... It was good. It was what it needed to be. But not as good as we had hoped for of course.



We slept in. I've been doing a lot of that lol.

We tried watching some of the Olympic Eventing Dressage but only got to see about 20 minutes of it. While we still appreciated it we both noticed it lacked the raw passion and emotion you get when you watch regular dressage. Perhaps it's because in eventing dressage is the least favorite of most people because let's just face it who wouldn't say cross country is their favourite. But I was surprised that even Matthew picked up on the same thing, that regular dressage had much stronger emotions running through it. Of course I don't mean to detract at all from the amazing feats of Eventers. Eventers are definitely the bravest of the bunch lol.
Naturally though this got me talking about horses. And I may have talked a bit too long... Because by the end of the day Matthew impersonated me in this way..

Then we spent an hour or so by the pool soaking up some sun before going to the gym.

At the gym we did slow motion strength training. And OMG I forgot how much I hate it LOL. I don't really hate it. But I do prefer more traditional methods. Still slow and controlled but not 20 second reps! Anyways, I really felt it the next day haha.

Unfortunately I got a text from Fancy's current owner telling me that Fancy choked really bad. She took Fancy to the vet and they were tubing her. 

My immediate thoughts were 'What are the odds!". I mean my mare died of a freak colic case right before we planned to show and breed her. And only a month before I plan on getting this mare she chokes so bad that they have to tube her with several different tubes.

Turns out she had aspirated and now she is on pain meds and antibiotics. But she is home safe and will have to eat her food soaked from now on. Her owner is extremely experienced and had her checked for everything the first time this happened less than a year ago (I don't think it was longer than that) the mare is perfectly healthy and doesn't bolt her feed. So Miss Fancy can eat like a princess from now on with specially made food lol.


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