Mystery Muffin || Asthma || And Having A Phone Again!

I worked till 3pm again. And then we went and got some MUCH needed groceries! 
For dinner I made tomato basil turkey sausage in vegetables and pasta in a tomato basil sauce. It was delicious and VERY filling! I thought my stomach was going to burst lol

I worked from 8:45am-5pm. Matt didn't get off till 6:30 so I waited for him at Starbucks. Usually I can sit there quietly and think to myself and no one bothers me. But this time an older man walked up and struck up a conversation with me. Maybe he was just lonely and wanted someone to talk to? I don't know. It was weird....
Maybe I should try this..

Later that night we went to the gym. I was soooo tired. I had coffee at Starbucks but it had worn off by the time I got to the gym. Needless to say it was a very, very short workout and I feel terrible that it wasn't much but I guess anything is better than nothing.


After such a late night I was finally able to sleep in :)
Matthew was adorable and went out and brought me back a muffin. I should of taken a picture of it. It was beautiful and DELICIOUS. Although I have know idea what kind of muffin it was. Mystery muffin with pecans? lol

After finishing my mystery muffin with coffee we went to the pool for an hour. Since I didn't tan last week after being at the beach for 3 hours I decided not to put on sunscreen (gasp! That's right, risking death for a tan. #hardcoretanning lol). I tanned about one maaaaybe two shades.
I spent the rest of the day blogging and doing a few chores.

My favourite time of day other than riding :)
Well the gym was packed ugh!! I can't stand it! I hate going at night because it's mostly just people being dumb and taking up EVERYTHING and I just have to wait for them to leave!

Sorry, I promise I'm not judgey but when people are curling their back more than their bicep I don't understand how they can possibly think that's right. And it's one thing if they have awful form and don't have an attitude. If that's the case I'm at least happy you made an effort to move. But if your form sucks and you think your all that and a bag of chips... Get Out... Just get out...
So instead of doing legs I had to do shoulders and abs because that is all that was open....
I did however get in a good workout so I'll take it even if my OCD is telling my my legs are deteriorating. It's all in my head right?? It better be! I work VERY hard for the tiny bit of leg I've got.


Morning I could not wake up. Once I did I was shaky and weak the whole day. Why? Sadly it was not because of the awesome workout the night before. It was Asthma.
The past week or so It's been acting up and it's quite persistent despite taking my Inhaler.
So at this point I just need a Nebulizer treatment. My parents have a Nebulizer for my little sister so I plan on going there to use it the next day.
Meanwhile lots and LOTS of online window tack shopping. I know what bridle and girth to get her. But halter, boots, ect... I don't know yet. I'm on a super low budget and have expensive taste :( I want a leather halter. But I LOVE Baker! And nice neutral colored boots that won't heat up her legs. Sorry I'm babbling now. I'll keep you guys updated as we get stuff. Any suggestions?


Morning we did chest and tricep at the gym. I threw in some squats and romanian deadlifts too.

Then I went over my family's house and used their nebulizer. It helped but still not 100%.

After my treatment and lunch we went to the pool for a few hours.

Matthew met me over there to have dinner with my family and then we watched the latest episode of Sherlock with my brothers. If you haven't seen it, you should.


Morning I got my phone back!! So now I'm back on instagram.

I LOVE my phone! It's pro at pics ;)
There is a button for my Instagram at the bottom of this page.
Then I went to work till 11pm :( 


I worked from 7:45am-2pm and then we went to the gym.
We had a friend who's never done traditional weightlifting before join us. She tried a bit of everything and was very sore after mwahaha..
Matt did mostly back. And I did squats, romanian deadlifts, leg extension, leg curl, and weighted kickbacks. I was exhausted.

After the gym me and Matt devoured a rotisserie chicken and I took a shower and got ready to go to the movies.

Matthew our friend and her husband, and my brothers, and I of course all went to see "Star Trek Beyond". It is probably my favourite one! Fantastic all around :)
Seriously though with JJ Abrams producing we have great story ect, Justin Lin directing we get unique action feel, and Simon Pegg did a wonderful job writing in comic relief without detracting from the seriousness.
Overall an awesome movie!


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