Spook-less? Positively Crushed, The 10 year Quilt, And Astro's Mascot Party!

Ok.. Soo this is awkward. Not only is this post a few days late but my draft for it disappeared :( So I've decided to just fill you in on everything major from last Sunday until today. So here goes nothing..
Alright, so Amber was really good Sunday and Monday before last. She is happy to work and even when she gets a little pissy I can talk to her and adjust things to make her happy again. She is starting to relax into her work and is MUCH less spooky.
In fact I rode her this past Sunday and she was awesome! The stablehands quiet/creepy dog was in the arena staring at us and she didn't spook at him. Not even when he ran. Granted she took a big look at him for sure but no spook. I talked to her and gave her some leg and a firm hand and she walked right next to him.
Now for the big news.... Where to begin..
Well it was after the ride this past Sunday evening. The barn owner came in and said that Ambers owner keeps asking him if I want Amber. "For free?" I asked. "That's what it sounds like" he replied..
I couldn't believe it. Matthew and I had been talking about this. About taking her as a project horse.
"I'd love to" I said. "But I need to make sure we can" I added.
So we left it at that.
On the way home I told Matthew about it and he was silent. Now he does NOT like Amber. He doesn't see the point in such a difficult horse. And to a degree I agree.
He broke the silence with "ok, let's just do it".
Don't celebrate just yet.. I knew he said that only because it would make me happy. So I questioned if he really wanted to. Of course he was n the fence about it. He wanted to make me happy but at what cost?
We calculated what we had monthly vs what we would need and came up at least a hundred dollars short. It's a decision made by circumstance.
I had to text the barn owner to tell him to tell Ambers owner that I couldn't take her but her refused to relay the answer because in his words "things might change". I have no clue how but that's his thinking on it.
Of course I felt crushed. And I don't process emotions very well. I started tearing up and just wanted to go lay under the covers alone. Matthew was concerned. I assured him I was fine. I understood why we had to say no and that it was for our best interest. But it still hurt. I still needed to process my emotions.
I woke up the next morning from more nightmares and crying. Matthew was wonderful and comforted me. But it was just the last burst of emotions getting worked through. I still hurt about it but I'm getting better.
So that was huge. Almost had a horse again but not quite.
In reflection..
I've never had my head above water financially and had control. And we are only a month or so away from having some financial freedom. You know we can go out on a date if we want because we don't need to save to fix something expensive.
If we had got Amber we'd never experience that.
Also for our 3 year wedding anniversary this December (shhh) we planned a roadtrip to New Mexico (shhhh) and we'd never be able to do that if we got her.
Well that's that..
Now for some fun stuff :)
This past Sunday we went to an Astro's game. And it was Awesome!
I've never seen soooo many mascots in one place! lol
And last week I finally finished something I started 10 years ago when I was 13/14 years old.
Wanna guess what it is??
Drum roll please.....
Tada!! It's a quilt!
Yes, I know how to quilt.
Clearly I preferred blues and greens to pinks and purples. Total tomboy here :)
I was worried Matt might think it's childish but he LOVES it. In fact he likes it more than I do.
Now for Gym updates..
As of yesterday I started my lean bulk.
Starting Macro's are 97P 35F 150C
Already went up on weights this morning. did 115lbs for 4 reps on leg extensions :O That is a 10-15lb increase!
I'm now on Fatsecret to track my macro's and stuff. I love their system it's really accurate and easy!
My username is EqFit23
So be sure to add me as your buddy!


  1. great post. Im so sad about Amber! But I think you made the wisest decision for this time. Go girl! I cant imagine how tough that must have been! I'll have to check FatSecret out! ~Hannah

    1. Thank you Hannah. I feel it is the right decision even though it's a bummer. And if you use Fatsecret be sure to friend me! :)


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