Donut Be Mislead, Starbucked, And Finally Fashionable.

Hey guys! :)
So I have great news!
We now have Wifi!!
So now I have no excuse for not posting regularly. Again I try to post every Sunday with the weekly update and every Wednesday with an article on either an exercise, recipe, beauty, or a review. However I'm open to suggestions. Please let me know what you like/don't like and what you wanna hear about.
So now for what's happened since my last post..
Well Matthew is finally tracking his macro's! He never wanted to because he was being lazy but now he is using
Oh! And Matthew has officially been *Starbucked*. He has had Starbucks and now (in his words) "Can't go back". Hehe ;)
Wednesday we started our grocery day with coffee and donuts. That's right donuts..
Shipley's Donuts to be exact. We arrived just as they were ready.
Mmmmm nothing beats a fresh hot donut..
The coffee was probably the best unflavored coffee out there too!
"Donut be mislead". Donuts are NOT the devil. One donut has about 30g of carbs and 11g of fat. That may sound bad at first but if you think a muffin is any better think again. The average muffin from the store has about 50g of carbs and 20g of fat! Nearly twice as bad as the donut..
So don't let donuts suffer injustice any longer than they have to. If you really want one. Fit it into your macro's or treat yourself to the small "cheat treat". The occassional donut will not make you fat.
Want another *sweet secret*??
How about some Coconut Buttered Kettle Corn?
Just use some regular microwave popcorn. After it's done add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil, and cinnimon and sugar to taste. It is AMAZING!!
Speaking of *sweet treats* how cute are these?
You can find more cute stuff here:
Not to be too redundant but speaking of cute fashionable things..

Got my nails and toes done :)

Prepare for some silly stuff..

Ignore the décor. That's all a surprise for later when it's all done. So shhh..

Couldn't resist a few goofy pics haha..

I got my first "Full Set" of nails! I love them soooo much!!
Nails are Pale Mint. Toes are Mint Jubilee.
After working so many extra hours I treated myself to a mani-pedi lol.
So obviously with working so many extra days/hours plus the rediculous heat. We are talking 95 degrees with a 110+ heat index. I didn't get to ride this past week. I feel the withdrawals bigtime..
Matthew was sweet last night and brought home donuts though.
Confession time..
I had two. Yes two. Well... Actually 2 and a half :/
But you know what?
I finally woke up with a flat stomach LOL go figure!
I had been bloated all week from eating extra for my bulk to build muscle. My goal was to start at about 1600 calories. But I had more. Way more. Maybe too many too early on in my bulk. I mean 1700-2100 a day. And the night I had 2 donuts brining me to another 2100cal day is the one I wake up flat from????
Hey, I'll take that!
So now for QOTW (Question Of The Week).
What color should I get my nails next time?


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