Surprise, surprise, surprise!!

Sunday I got up later than I wanted to which meant skipping a shower, again. This is becoming a problem. I don't have time or energy to shower as often as I'd like. SO Gross Right?? I mean I've been getting one every two or three days but usually I'd shower every other day or even everyday. But on days like this one I'm too tired from being up till 12 last night (family left at 11 something) so I slept in till 7 instead of getting up at 6 to shower instead. Then I have to eat, get ready for work, and pack stuff for the day because after I get off work I'm headed straight to the barn and then to get groceries. THEN I can finally shower :( I should of last night at 11:45 but honestly I was to tired to do anything at all.
So I worked from 8:45am-2pm and then ate lunch on the way to the barn. Oh we also stopped at Starbucks and I got Matthew a Frappuccino :)
Amber was happy to see me again. She was more excited and less anxious this time. Although in the arena under saddle she was more spooky than last time. However, she really did try to not be stubborn about spooking every. single. time. we went past "the tree". But she really can't help it. She is traumatized from someone "desensitizing" her with a tarp. The tree hitting the metal of the barn sounds like a tarp. Thus the chronic spooks. I will write an article on the fine line between proper desensitizing vs traumatizing a horse, especially a sensitive one. I will also include some of the orgins of that practice to showcase how it has been used for bad and good in the past under different names. And how a rose by any other name is still a rose (metaphor lol).
Anyways, Matthew took some video and pics of us and.... I'm not happy with my EQ so please don't be harsh on me. I know what I'm doing wrong and I'm going to fix it.
You can see for yourself in the surprise at the bottom (don't you dare scroll down there just yet! I'm watching you, yes you lol).
Monday I woke up exhausted. Running for your life in your dreams all night is very tiring and not restful AT ALL!
I also woke up very bloated. I have been eating a lot the past few days but usually that isn't a big deal and doesn't cause too much bloat. But the past few days I have also been eating things I normally don't eat. And I think that's what has done me in. I was sooooo bloated and uncomfortable I didn't wanna do anything except sleep it off. But no.... off to the gym instead.
Now you may of noticed I haven't been updating my measurements like I usually do. That's because I haven't been taking them every Monday like I planned to. I decided I wanted to let 3 weeks maybe a month go by and then take them since it takes about that long to see a difference anyways and that way I don't get so obsessed about it.

So at the gym we did Chest and Triceps. Didn't do abs because I was so painfully bloated :( However I felt a lot better after working out :)
Then of course I went to the wifi cafe to blog :)
After that I broke in our washer for saddle pad duty mwahahaha.. And cleaned my poor saddle that had almost completely molded while it sat in the tack room the past month. Poor thing. Stupid humidity!
Tuesday I woke up from more bad dreams. This is a semi-regular thing for me. I will have 2-3 months of not remembering my dreams and then a week of nightmares. :(
Anyways, we went to the gym and did legs and abs. I broke a pretty good sweat. After getting home and eating (3 whole eggs, spinach, parmesan, and salsa) we cleaned up a bit, mostly dishes lol. I swear, dishes NEVER end! Even with just two people!
Then Matt went to work and I went to the pool for wifi (guilty face)..
We had my family come over for the pool and then stay for dinner. It was fun and then we went to the movies to see "Captain America Civil War" with my brothers. It was awesome! Normally I get super bored watching action movies because of the action scenes being too long but these were filmed differently and I could actually follow it all. Best Marvel movie so far in my opinion.
Unfortunately we didn't get home till 1:30am though :O
Wednesday I was dead.... I worked from 2-10pm and I honestly don't know how I stayed awake.
Thursday I went to the barn and got a 30 minute ride on Miss Amber. She tried so hard not to spook but she still did a few times. We did a little cantering and I'm not sure how to feel about the buck she threw at me lol. She didn't seem any more angry than normal (a small amount of pissiness for her is considered good). I think she tripped and that triggered a buck or something like that. It wasn't bad. If she really wanted me off I'd be off lol.
I used Twists old bridle on her. Yay! for matching tack! Looks better in person but I gotta fix the noseband. She seemed to enjoy the supple leather better than her old crusty one lol.

I really need to punch some holes in it to get it to fit correctly.
Friday I went to the barn again and rode Amber. We just did a long walk trot ride. She was spooky about the tree again. However we made progress and now instead of out right scooting sideways she will go to take a step sideways and then make the effort to stay straight. So that is definite progress and hopefully it sticks :)
Saturday we went to the gym to do legs, abs, and shoulders since they had been left out so far this week.
We started with shoulders because for some reason I really was in the mood to do shoulders. It felt great! And I did a new weight on shoulder/arm raises. Instead of 5lb dumbbells I used 7.5lbs. I know that still isn't much but for the nerve in my shoulder that likes to act up that's all it can take for now.
Then we moved onto legs. I did drop set leg extensions. So I started with 95lbs for 8-10 reps. Then I dropped it to 90lbs for 8-10 reps and then 85lbs for 10 reps. And then 80lbs for 10 reps. And boy do you feel the burn... After that we did leg press, calf raises, and I did weighted kickbacks.
I only did 2-3 sets of weighted kickbacks and we skipped abs because we were both exhausted and I was starting to get nauseous so it was definitely time to go and grab food.
We stopped at Kroger on the way home and got some protein bars. The cliff builders bar (chocolate-hazelnut) wasn't my favorite. However, the power max cookie dough protein bar was AMAZING!!
And yes they both have whey and soy so I shouldn't of eaten them but I was starving and willing to endure the hour or so of discomfort.
And now for your surprise....
Are you ready?!?
Ok, ok.. So here is our first video... And all credit goes to Matthew because he did all of it.

This is only our first rough experiment video. We did it in a little bit of a rush and promise to make better ones from now on.
There will be at least one video a month but we hope to have one in every weekly update :)
Please let us know what you think in the comments below!! \/ \/ \/ \/


  1. I don't know how I missed this post. I must've just spaced it during my busyness. I enjoyed it! That video was neat! Amber is so beautiful!!!!! -Hannah @hannieblast

    1. Thank you so much Hannah :) @hannieblast I'm so glad you enjoyed the video :)


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