I'm Golden! A Confession... And Getting Back to the Barn?

Sunday we slept in and while having breakfast I was checking my emails and saw Starbucks emailed me a "Welcome to Gold Status" message. But there is no way I've collected 300 stars?? So how am I "Gold Status"?? Well apparently because I made a purchase or two in the past month when they were switching over how they do their star system I somehow got gold status. I'm soooo excited! I can jump the line, get refills, and free food and drinks, plus special offers and stuff! I get my sparkly new Gold card in the mail in 4-6 weeks! :)
Anyways, then I went to work from 12-4pm. It was actually a good day at work. Well eventful for sure. But good nontheless. Some thunder storms came through and the power kept flickering causing all kinds of computer problems but I was happy because even with the problems and being busy at the same time I actually accomplished 2 things that I REALLY needed too.
After work we were gonna workout but Matthew was feeling awful. He was all stuffed up, runny nose, and feeling hot. So we just went home and got him some cold meds.
Monday morning we slept in a little. Had some blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. Then I made healthy blueberry muffins. Yeah... I know... I'm kind of on a blueberry craze. But hey blueberries and cranberries are the only berries I like. I hate every other berry, even the smell of them. I know I'm crazy but that's me so yeah..
P.S. I'll be posting the healthy blueberry muffin recipe June 8th so be sure to read it then!
O.k. Confession time.....
I ate a lot Monday night.. Like A LOT.. Like 4 serving of ice cream, 2 servings of popcorn, and 2 servings of honey roasted peanuts..
Yes I felt guilty after eating enough for a family of 5. But I knew it would be ok. And it was. The next morning I looked and felt fine. Plus I needed the carbs for my workout the next morning.
Speaking of the next morning. Tuesday we got up and did 3 days of mealprep. Then we headed to the gym for chest, tricep, and abs.
We tried out a new machine for chest press and it was tough! Very effective though so I got my pump on early lol. Then we did fly's and Matt benched while I took a breather lol. Then we moved on to triceps. Again tried a new machine out for triceps and it was awesome so again got my pump on haha. Then we did tricep extensions and moved over to abs. For abs we tried to do a reverse static crunch but could only hold it for a minute before our backs were killing us so we switched to slow weighted crunches which are very effective. And then we finished up on leg lifts which were exhausting..
After the gym I went to Starbucks for coffee and wifi :) and Matt went to work..
While at Starbucks I blogged lol (predictable). And contemplated a text message I received the night before (you know the one were all I did was eat lol).
Wait, what was the text about? and from whom?
Well.. It was from the barn owner.. He was just checking in on me since I haven't been there in about a month!
I told him I was fine, just busy.
Do you remember last week when I was talking about how riding Amber right now isn't really worth it because she needs more time than I have?
If so good because this text message may be the answer to my prayers. The barn owner told me that another girl at the barn wants to help out with Amber and Wild Thing (Wild Thing is a pony I rode for a few weeks before he was adopted. But then he broke a fetlock and was returned. He is fully recovered now and they want him back in work.).
So I emailed her to see if she could meet me at the barn Sunday to start them back in work and discuss what days and such each of us can do. Turns out we are gonna meet at the barn on Friday to start them back up!
So that's BIG news! Because honestly I thought I'd be out of riding for a year but lord knows that is torture!
Wednesday I worked from 8:45am - 4pm. It was actually a productive day.
Thursday we went to the gym and did back, biceps, and shoulders. We tried a few new machines and the workout was super effective.
Then I worked from 12-3pm then from 5-10:30pm (closing). It was such a slow day. Time went by soooo slooooow. But it was stormy so I enjoyed that. It was a very draining day of work. It was my first time closing and nobody knew I wasn't trained but thankfully they all helped once they noticed I had no clue and were very supportive and the closing manager apologized and thanked me for "being a trooper".
Friday! Payday! I finally had a restful night of sleep because the two nights before I woke up tired.
We went to HEB and Walgreens for some odds and ends. Then got some pictures and stuff hung up around the apartment.
So at Walgreens they had a special for Nuetrogena products buy one get one half off. :) I had been dying to try their 1, 2, 3, eye cream and their 12 hour nourishing long wear foundation.

Now I have never worn or tried anything like them before in my life so I was a bit nervous having no experience buying or applying this kind of makeup.
But you know what? It was easy! I bought them both in the "Buff" shade. Cuz I'm buff! (flexes) lol.

Sorry this is me fresh from the gym right after showering so my hair is crazy lol. But I'm wearing the 1, 2, 3 eye cream and the 12 hour nourishing makeup.

 And yes I make weird faces because I'm weird haha..

Anyways, It matched my skintone perfectly and was super easy to apply (just blended in with my fingers). Can't even tell I'm wearing makeup! :) The best part is it's makeup with a purpose. It will help my skin look better even after I take it off.
Ok, then it was off to the barn! :/
Will I live or die??
So I got to the barn at 3. I walked in and greeted Amber with my normal "Hey, Miss Amber". She normally pops her head up but it's been like a month since I've seen her. All she did was swish her tail..
Again I said "hey Miss Amber". This time an ear twitched..
A third time, "Hey Miss Amber". Finally she popped her head up and turned to see me. Once she had eyes on me I swear her jaw dropped (seriously it did like an inch No joke.) and she blinked her eyes looking at me in astonishment as if saying "Is that really you??".
I walked up to her. She was still staring at me in awe and reached her nose out to barely touch me as if she was making sure I was real and saying "I thought you left me?".
Once I had her in the cross ties and was halfway through grooming her she started getting excited/anxious to work. She looks around and prances a little but not too badly.
I didn't bother longing or anything before hoping on because horses like her usually just get worked up from it and if their gonna be bad or good it doesn't change it.
I got on and walked on a semi-loose rein to limber up. She was good and didn't spook or have any major avoidance issues. So I started her at the trot. She would get fast at times but for the most part responded to half halts. We even did some nice cantering and jumping. I rode her (with plenty of breaks) for an hour an 10 minutes because honestly I didn't want to get off because she was so good I was enjoying it too much haha. It felt so good to be back in the saddle.

These are some random pics Matt took.

I know my EQ isn't great. I need to fix my chair seat.

The barn owner told me "You wouldn't believe how happy she is to see you".
I had to agree she seemed pretty pleased if not relieved to see me again.
Now my last week of riding her a month ago we were having a rough patch and kind of lost most of my confidence in my ability to train a horse. I questioned if maybe I was just screwing her up. But for her to retain all the good I accomplished with her before that rough patch and after a whole month off I MUST of done something right.
And to add to that thought..
After the ride I was standing around talking to a barnmate and Amber looked at me and reached her nose out as if saying "come here". So I went up to her and she actually showed me affection!! :0
She nuzzled me for like 5-10 minutes before she let me leave.
That is HUGE!
A barnmate and the barn owner said she gets angry/fearful when her ex-rider walks by her. And she doesn't show affection like that to anyone else.
So hopefully we stay in this goodness we've found and don't have anymore major issues. Who knows maybe this is a real turning point for both of us.
Saturday I worked from 12-5 and then we hit legs at the gym. The workout was good. We really flew through it and shortened it a tiny bit so we could be home on time to meet my family that was coming over for dinner and a movie.
P.S. Again I apologize for this post being a little late, again... It's been busy as you can tell haha. Thank you for reading because I really do appreciate every single one of you that reads this :) Thank you!


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