Finishing Moving, First Day of Work, Handcrafted Jewelry, & New Gym!

Sunday morning we woke up in our new apartment :) I made us breakfast and we set off for my parents house to finish our move.

Unfortunately I was feeling even more sick and was totally out of it. Thankfully my dad and brother helped Matthew get the last of the stuff over to the apartment.
Monday I spent the day putting the apartment together. It took me all day to get the kitchen, bathroom, and closet done and I was exhausted.... I really wanted to go to the gym but I was sounding pretty bad congestion wise so Matthew called it and told me no.... He is right though. If I workout while sick I won't see any benefits because my recovery from my sickness will be stifled by my body being distracted by trying to keep up with recovering from working out. And I won't be building muscle because my body needs energy to recover from the cold. But at least I was eating right again. With the move and being sick I was just eating intuitively but Monday I tracked and hit all my macros. I even fit in this gorgeous pizza!

It was Delicious!

Tuesday I got a call from my new employer. My drug screening and back round check was all clear. Funny because even though I knew it would be fine because well I don't (never have/never will) do drugs or any criminal activity but somehow I was still a tad nervous lol. So I got some stuff done that they needed at the wifi cafe our apartment complex has because we don't have Internet/Wifi of our own yet.
After that I stayed another couple of hours catching up on online stuffs i.e. social media and blogging lol.
Earlier that day I found some old broken jewelry my grandmother gave me and got inspired to make earrings and a bracelet out of it.
And now for my awkward attempt at modeling them... lol..

 Clearly this is not my calling in life lol..
Later that evening I wore them while getting pants for work and a lady at the store stopped me to say how "gorgeous" they were and asked where I got them. I told her I made them. She replied "You DID?" and looked at me with amazed and kept complimenting them. At that point I wished I had a business card to give her... I had been tempted in the past to make up some business cards for the jewelry I make but never did because every time I tried selling it no one would buy it because they only want to pay 5 dollars for a piece that costs me 15 dollars in supplies to make! Maybe here in Houston/Sugarland area it would sell better since people here have a slightly better idea of value than other areas.
Wednesday we got some stuff accomplished for my employment and banking haha. Not exactly "fun" but so nice to have out of the way. I'd rather of been riding but the sooner I start getting paychecks the sooner I can advance my riding. We also had some fun taking measurements and mapping out where furniture would go. I can't wait to get the apartment furnished and show you guys!
Oh! and the Wifi cafe at our apartment complex has THE BEST hazelnut coffee and chocolate biscotti ever! I mean yes it's a small cheat treat but I worked into my macros and I mean c'mon it tastes like Nutella!
Thursday was my first day of work. I spent all day doing training on their computer.... It seemed like I'd never finish all of it.
But Friday we FINALLY made it to the gym! We did chest & triceps at the gym in our apartment complex. We were definitely sore after. It was so nice to finally be able to workout again. Then I went back to work all day and got my initial computer training done and actually got some time practicing my actual job haha.
Saturday was a TON of fun though! We went and spent some time with my family in the morning. Then we checked out a new gym (well new to us) that's just down the road from our apartment. It was great! Their machines were so much nicer than our old gym and we got in a great legs workout. We couldn't walk straight after haha. It felt so good to get my legs working hard again. And I'm very excited and hopeful for new muscle growth since these machines are so much more effective.
Then we went to a baseball game! One of Matthews clients gave us V.I.P. seats and we had access to an awesome buffet of food! :) ........Yes....... I was more excited about the food than the game... I can't help it....
Sorry it was kind of a boring week.. Not much fun.. But next week should be more exciting!


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