~ Makeup Brush Makeover ~

The Prettiest way to store your Makeup Brushes!
Those brushes help you look your best everyday so maybe it's about time to give them a makeover!

Perhaps some of you have already figured out an awesome way to store your makeup brushes. But for most of us it's always been the drawer, a plastic box, or maybe a zip pouch. But your brushes inevitably roll around. get shoved and pushed while you dig for something else and well.. this tends to look and feel very disorganized. Not to mention just plain ugly.. You don't exactly feel pretty when your rummaging through a drawer of brushes.

The solution?

Dollar store glass vase/candle holder thingy. And some decorative stones in any color(s) you like!

I mean c'mon this is pretty awesome because now not only do your makeup brushes look pretty and organized but they serve as decor and you can always change the stones out and switch colors around :)


  1. I like that! It makes them look so much cooler and organized :)Great tip! ~Grace Ison


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