Glowing Grey Touched Eyes (Tutorial)

Hello Lovlies! :)

So one benefit of a creative mood plus boredom is discovery.

While waiting in the car for a long while the other day I made such a discovery.

Ok, so I'm no makeup artist. But not many of us are right??

Well here goes nothing...

This is how is looks..

I can't believe how hard it is to look happy in photo's lol.

And the creeper shot lol.

And up close..

For this look I used Rimmels Glam Eyes 007 Heart Of Gold compact and e.l.f.'s Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Grey.

The compact comes with intructions. The instructions give a nice look but I like this just as much if not more.

Regardless of wether you use this compact or have similar eyeshadows you'll need 3 shades of eyeshadow. A golden yellow, a nude beige, and a rich brown. And you'll need a grey pencil eyeliner. I used all shimmer's because that's what I have but I think a matte version of this look would be great too!


So to get started...

I tightlined my upper lid but you don't have to.

Step 1) Line your upper lid with the grey liner. I also came from mid-way lower lashline out to the outer corner and created a wingtip/cateye look.

Step 2) Use your nude beige shade on you lid. Apply from inner corner outward.

Step 3) Use your golden yellow shade in the crease. Make sure to swipe it back and forth between the inner and outer corners and blend it well.

Step 4) Take your rich brown shade and apply it the the outer corner gently sweeping it a tiny bit to the bottom inward but mostly upward into the crease a little.

Finishing touches!

You may need (I did) to reapply the golden yellow into your crease to blend with the rich brown and then repeat with the nude beige on your lid. Make sure to do them in that order and sweep and blend them well into where the shades meet.

Then you may need (I did) to reapply the grey liner.

Then once you've applied your mascara your good to go!


I hope this was understandable and helpful. Hope you guys like it!

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The finished product (Q the angels singing).

The Delicious insides!

And another photo just because...


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