Beach Trip of 3/6/2016 and 'The Intern'

Yesterday was Awesome!

We actually got on the road 30 minutes earlier than we planned!.. Ok, lemme explain why that is such a huge feat.

Me and Matthew always pack light and leave on time. But my family is another story.. They look like they are moving out. At least 5 bags stuffed with food, towels, clothes, ect... A good sized cooler or sometimes two.. Plus beach toys ect..

It gets pretty hectic. It's more than they can carry actually so it's good Matthew and I pack light (one bag with towels, sunscreen, some food, water, ect..) so we can help carry their stuff lol.

Thankfully Matthew remembered the camera. Unfortunately he forgot to charge it, so it ran out of battery and died after only an hour tops. So I only got 50 photo's. And no that is not a lot. Well for me. I planned on taking about 200 because the first 50 would be of Matthew and my brother playing soccer/frisbee. Then another 50 of the beach scene. Another 50 of the family and so on. I like taking a lot because I enjoy the artistic perspective of photogrophy A LOT! lol. So here is some of what I got.




Soccer on the beach.

The Model. lol. Actually he wasn't even posing haha.

Goofball hits cold water..


The lonely soccer ball. We call Messi.

A Jellyfish that soon was prodded with a stick :(


My father who is NOT good with a camera managed to get me in a few photo's with his phone. It's not pretty but here's the proof I was there lol.




Me taking photo's..



It only got to be in the 70's so it was too cold for most of us to even touch the water. My little sister (poor thing) actually face planted in it. She got pushed by a wave while trying to pick up a frisbee.

Matthew and I took a walk down to the pier where we sat and watched the water and the fisherman. It was actually really nice. Like hey we might actually have a shot at being semi-romantic and not just goofing off all the time lol.

Us and the family walked down to a local shop and got some snacks.



That's me in the back left stuffing my face lol.


On the way home we stopped at 'Burger Barn' to eat. It was good. The sweet potato fries were the bomb!

A very original 50's Corvette we saw at the restaurant ;)

Then we redboxed 'The Intern'.

Have any of you seen 'The Intern'?

If you have not you should. It was a great movie. And if you ever wonder what kind of person I am. Anne Hathaways character is the epitomy of me.. Like Matthew was joking during the movie "They should just call this movie Gaby".

Except the main caracter is successful. Yeah, I'm still working on that part.

But the hard to get to know, be around, get along part? Got it. The ADD/forgetful? Got it. The focused entrapeanuer that will drive herself into the ground with determination? Got it. The ok, yes women should be able to be big shots too, but since when is dissing men just to make women look better ok part? Got it. The doen't want to make anyone do anything, would rather let people act of their own initiative because otherise it won't stick part? Got it.

So before I bore you too much.. I think you got the point lol. The main character core values, ability to express them, and mode of behavior match mine perfectly.

Great, great, great movie, just watch it please.....

Ok, ok, so I need to finish wrighting this because I gotta eat before the gym. See you all!


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